State-of-the-art travel planner with the world’s greatest adventures

IQPlanner is a free marketplace of exciting travel adventures

IQPlanner helps you to find breath-taking adventures easily. Browse through hundreds of adventures shared by famous bloggers, travel photographers and savvy travelers from all over the World! Take advantage of their experience and make your own perfect travel plan.

Intuitive tool, perfect for travel blogging and creating your trip diaries

IQPlanner partners with travel magazines, photographers and bloggers, offering them to transform their personal stories into a completely new media format — adventures.

Travel planner, that builds a perfect holiday

Looking for a unique holiday? Find inspiration and build it from scratch with our easy-to-use travel planner. Just tell us where do you want to go. You don’t even need to enter the exact dates of travel - we will analyze pricing from numerous suppliers and make recommendations when it is cheaper to travel.

Choose activities according to your interests and plans

All activities for your destination have tags to help you to find the most relevant ones. You can also use our theme filters, ratings and travellers’ reviews to make a choice.
Publish and earn with us!
If you’re a savvy traveller and would like to share your experiences, IQPlanner is a great place to find the right audience and earn extra money — simply by sharing your own adventures.

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