Metropolitan City of Venice

Kate Martin-Williams
Feb 14
A couple of years ago I decided I needed a holiday. It had to be something new and I didn't just want to lay down on a beach all week. Venice was the perfect option.

How to get to Venice

All the options.

Venice has a train station and is very popular amongst inter-railers, once alighting the train you will probably need to locate a boat to get you to your desired island.

Venice also is the home to quite a big port and every few days or so you will see massive cruise liners along the Grand Canal.

Airport. The Venetian airport is located on the mainland. It’s around a €15 water bus to San Marco and takes around an hour to get there.

Staying in San Marco?

Some Facts

Common knowledge to some and perhaps not so for others, Venice is composed of 118 Islands and the main districts are known as: San Polo, San Marco, Dorsoduro, Castello and Cannaregio. These are where the main monuments are located and where you will find the most tourist, restaurants and bars. Although it may seem expensive to stay on the main island, it’s well worth it, the only mode of transport in the city is boat and these can often rack up a few euros. The best way to get around the main island is to walk, it’s the best way to take in all the sites…but take a map, there are signs pointing to the main attractions but It literally is a maze.

Day One Activities

keeping it chilled.

Keeping in chilled

Best thing to do is to take a little walk around and gather your bearings. There's always something that we definitely want to do when we visit a new city, whether it be trying a bar, activity or attraction. By having a little walk around you can potentially find other interests too!

Visiting The Bridge of Sighs and St Mark's Square is a good place to start! 

Day Two Activities

Strolling over a few bridges

My favourite Bridge was The Rialto Bridge. Much more than a bridge, but also home to one of the most popular markets in Venice. To the east lies many shops, bars and restaurants and to the west, a farmers market. The shops here are slightly cheaper, so a perfect place to purchase that Venetian mask you’ve always wanted.

Day Three Activities

Late Afternoon

Venice is pretty chilled so sometimes it's nice to keep activities to a minimum. Grab a lazy lunch and then head to the Basilica. Although normally in the summer you can expect long queues, they are fairly quick moving so don't let that put you off.
After soaking up some Catholic culture, head back down and across the square to visit the Bell Tower. Views are to die for. I Promise.  ( and it's only 8 EUROS)

Day Four Activities 

Bucket List Items

No trip to Venice will ever be complete without a Gondola ride. 

Although it’s €80, it’s per gondola. So if there’s a group of you it doesn’t work out expensive at all. Money aside, you have to do it. It’s Venice after all, it’s a tradition.

Spend your last night in style

Have a Belini or two. 

Take a trip across the water to visit the Sky Bar at the Hilton. With fantastic views and delicious drinks, do you need anymore persuading?!? 

Situated on Giuddecca Island, just 5 mins across the water from San Marco, the panoramic bar not only offers splendid views but tasty snacks, sushi and drinks. Maybe a little pricey, but well worth it.

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