Paulius Mudenas
Mar 4
An "Unexpected journey", we can't promise you will meet Hobbit, obviously, but a discovery is guaranteed!

Why travel to Kaunas?

The second biggest Lithuanian city - Kaunas (former temporary capital) is a very vibrant place with lots of history and fun. Old, untouched, unpolished with its authentic architecture... Explore its buzzing centre with rural cultural surroundings and you will bring home memories and experience you will probably never forget. From Laisvės avenue to Vilniaus street there are plenty of pubs and clubs, restaurants and street bars. Beautiful flat landscapes with two rivers - Nemunas and Neris, Kaunas Castle, a medieval fortress and modern city amenities you would expect from any place in Europe, Kaunas has it all. 

Open air museum in Rumsiskes

See Lithuania what it was 100 years ago. Nearly 80000 exhibits on display - some of the buildings were moved here from their original locations. During the summer if you are lucky you can see filed and farm workers dressed in national outfits and children singing folk songs.

Visiting the Ninth Fort

The Ninth Fort is a part of the Kaunas Fortress, which was built in the late 19th century. It was used as a prison during Soviet times, many political prisoners started their Gulag sentences from here. Whilst Nazzi occupation made the Ninth Fort a place for massacres. Tens of thousands of Jews were executed in the Ninth Fort.

Kaunas town centre

After a good bit of history, why not see today's Kaunas? "Senamiestis" or the Old town, boasts nice and cosy coffee, souvenir shops and quality restaurants. Some of the streets look authentic to 19th and early 20th century. 

From the Old town getting to Laisves aleja - an iconic pedestrian street in Kaunas, known for its bohemian vibe, shops, restaurants and street artists. 

While in Kaunas or anywhere in Lithuania really, here are some must try dishes: "cepelinai" (poached potato dumplings with pork mince), "kugelis" (grated potato and bacon dish, oven baked ),  "zemaiciu blynai" (pan fried potato pies with meat or mushroom filling), "saltibarsiai" (vegetarian, summer vegetable soup, served cold with boiled potato on the side). 

A Night out in the "Dzem pubas" (Jam pub)

Kaunas #1 venue for live music, dance parties and karaoke nights. Food served all day and theme nights are on the agenda weekly. 

M.K. Ciurlionis - Lithuanian symbolism and a symbol of Lithuanian art and music

M.K. Ciurlionis is like no other artist in European symbolism and his watercolour paintings with clear and soft tones and edges will fascinate every experienced art lover. 

Regarded as high as C.R. Mackintosh by Lithuanians M.K. Ciurlionis is the true national pride. 

Visit the museum for his unique paintings and music. The museum building completed in art-modern period (early 20th century) has been authentically restored.  

Pažaislis monastery

Italian Baroque style Pažaislis monastery is the largest monastery complex in Lithuania, and the most magnificent one. Enjoy the walk around the green area, pop in to see its beautiful interior, there is a restaurant with the seummer terrace and private dining in the complex as well.

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