The Ultimate Game of Thrones Dubrovnik Adventure

Adam Wright
Jul 11
Croatia's Dalmatian Coast is stunningly beautiful! It is no surprise that HBO chose the high walled city of Dubrovnik for multiple different filming locations in the GoT universe.
Grand Villa Argentina

Check in to the cliff side Grand Villa Argentina. Just a short walk from the centre of Dubrovnik. The hotel was used as a filming location for Pentos in season 5 where Varys and Tyrion discuss the wars to come after Tyrion's escape from King's Landing. It's easy to see why the hotel was chosen with its  beautiful gardens and sea facing pool terrace

Dubrovnik City Walls
Early AM or late afternoon.
Walk around the iconic city walls and enjoy some of the best views over the city. There are several places around the wall recognisable to Game of Thrones fans including the Minčeta Tower where Daenerys is searching for the entrance to the House of the Undying to rescue her dragons, seized by the Qarthi warlocks.
The city walls are a regular feature in many shots of King's Landing. Of course, the main keep is CGI, but the walls in the show are very much exactly you see them in real life. Some of the best scenes of the city walls are in Season 2 where preparations are underway for Stannis's attack. Tyrion and Varys are stood together discussing the defence of the city.
The Bokar Fortress is another location frequented by the makers of Game of Thrones and part of the city walls. There is one particularly good scene between Tyrion and Varys where Varys praises Tyrion's ability as Hand of the King while they look out across Blackwater Bay. The fortress is also accessible by buying a ticket to the walk around city walls.
The Pile Gate
AM before it gets too busy
One of the most popular location in Dubrovnik for Game of Thrones location hunting. Built in 1537 this grand entrance to the city complete with drawbridge has been used for many scenes throughout the series. Some of the more famous ones include the return of Jamie Lannister to King's Landing and the riot in Fleabottom where Joffrey took a turd to the face!
The Harbour of Kolorina
AM before it gets too busy
The small harbour is tucked away close to the Pile Gate and protected by the Lovrijenac fortress, another filming location. The harbour has been used for several scenes including the departure of Myrcella to Dorne and the meeting between Sansa and Littlefinger. Standing on the pier you can imagine that you are looking out over the clear waters of Blackwater Bay, searching for signs of Stannis's impending siege.
Trsteno Arboretum
PM after midday
Not quite inside the city limits of Dubrovnik, the Trsteno Arboretum is a 20 min drive away. The arboretum is the oldest on the Dalmatian coast and played host to a number of scenes from Game of Thrones. One of the most famous scenes is the meeting of Sansa Stark and Olenna Tyrell over lemon cakes. The pavilion is easy to find and the views of the coastline are stunning.
Café Buza
After all this GoT location hunting your going to need to have a sit down with a nice cold drink. Sunset at Café Buza, set into the side of the city walls is pretty awesome! Get there well before sunset to grab a seat before it fills up.
Dubrovnik of course has so much more to offer than the GoT filming locations but for fans of the show this is the ultimate Croatian city to visit!