Liverpool - a day of discovery

Sven Koster
Apr 12
Some tips what you could do when you are in Liverpool for a day.
Starting with a bit of history...

Liverpool is full with museums. And the Heritage museum at St. George’s Hall is the most obvious one, right in front of Liverpool Lime Street Station. But also don’t forget the World Museum with two mummies behind St. George’s Hall and the museums at the Riverside.

Stroll next to the Riverside

There is nothing prettier than a walk next to the Riverside. And of course also here are the traditional love locks connected to the chains. Besides that this is also the place where you will find some other museums.

A selfie with the Beatles

Of course it is not the real one. But there is a statue on the Riverside from the Beatles. The Beatles are not the only one who got a statue at the Riverside. There are more musicians where you can take a selfie with.

Heading over to Alberts Dock

Another museum can be found at Alberts Dock, and that is Tate. Besides this modern art museum this area where boots can dock is also home of small little shops and restaurants. You can also find a Beatles museum here.