A weekend in Amsterdam on a budget

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Aug 17
Top 5 places to visit in Amsterdam without spending a single penny.
Why fly to Amsterdam

The Venice of the North is a stunning city which offers plenty of free things to see and do if you are a budget traveller. Magnificent architecture, canal walks and a vibrant city life to name a few. You don't really need a reason to travel to Amsterdam. A fantastic getaway weekend with chilled itinerary - isn't that just what everyone wants? Local meatballs, dozens of draught beers on tap and wine, quick grab chips sold in the streets, and of course the Red lights district. Strolling and, exploring and window shopping is still free, or is it not? Let's explore in this adventure and find out...

Chipsy King for a quick bite

If you like eating in the streets or a decent and good value takeaway, Chipsy King is the place to stop by. In fact, there are plenty of small chip shop booths in town, just look for the cone full of chips. They are really good!

Visiting Bloemenmarkt

Amsterdam has been exporting flowers for centuries, no wonder why this city has some of the most amazing flower shops and markets. Bloemenmarkt - is definitely one of them, which is also the world's only floating market. A must see place in Amsterdam. You can buy some bulbs and see if you can grow them just like the Dutch do. Souvenir shops and cafes in the are will come handy if your eyes get tired of all those beautiful colours. 

Visit Westerkerk, a Renaissance style church where the Dutch royal family got married, it's a spectacular building, where you can get a guided tour and see the panoramic views of Amsterdam from its tower.  The church is also known as Rembrandt's rest place, the exact location of the grave has been lost however. 

Anne Frank House, another popular tourist attraction, is just a few yards away from the Westerkirk... For those who know Anne's story (she was a Nazi victim who lived in hiding and documented her life in the diary for 2 years before she was discovered and sent to the concentration camps) just being in the area is quite staggering. Tickets sales start from 9 Euro, advance bookings recommended. 

Dinner at Restaurant Red

Restaurant Red is one of Amsterdam’s most favourite dining venues. Centrally located in the old city on the ‘Keizersgracht’ canal, Red is known for its unique concept, which is lobster and beef fillet on a single plate. Menu is quite simple, but food is delicious! 

Red lights district

Sex shops, sex theatres, peep shows, coffee shops selling cannabis and Museum of prostitution are all located in this area. Despite its nature, the Red lights district is a very civilised and safe area. Stroll down the De Wallen, Singelgebied and Ruysdaelkade areas to see one of the most visited places in Europe. 

Museum of prostitution tickets can be booked online (10 Euro).