Sven Koster
Nov 29
Secret places to visit in London

A visit to North London with a visit to Camden Town, Hampstead Heath and the Hill Garden and Pergola

I can and will describe this adventure in more detail in a new adventure. You can easily spend a whole day to explore the areas here. But must visits are Camden Town, Primrose Hill, Kenwood House in Hamstead Heath and the Hill Garden and Pergola and Golders Hill Park.

The Hill Garden and Pergola

A must visit if you want to discover secret places. Where Kenwood House can provide you a free visit to an old Victorian house and some art, The Hill Garden and Pergola will provide you awesome picture opportunities for your Instagram channel.

Besides that in Golders Hill Park you will find some cute little animals that you can visit. A small free Zoo in almost Central London.

Sir John Soane's Museum

You have never visited such a weird place in your life. It was formerly the home of the neo-classical architect John Soane. It holds many drawings and models of Soane's projects and the collections of paintings, drawings and antiquities that he assembled

Entering his former house and discovering part of his collection all gathered together in his house gives a surrealistic experience.

Be aware you will not be allowed to take any pictures

House of Minalima (Harry Potter)

For every Harry Potter fan and every graphical designer fan this shop is a must to visit. On the ground floor you can buy some work done by MinaLima. However the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor host a small collection of some props they made for the Harry Potter movies.

Guaranteed you will spot some hidden secrets that is written in the Daily Prophet. It is also a short visit to China Town and hang out in Soho.

Some other hidden gems that can't be missed out when you are in London

Don't forget to check out the antique market at Portobello Road, visit Skygarden for an amazing view on the Thames, see deers at Richmond Park and head to different markets such as Borough Market, Broadway Market and the market at Shoreditch.

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