The Ultimate Day Trip from Budapest

Adam Wright
Dec 6
We went to Hungary and loved every second of it. Basing ourselves in Budapest, we decided that we wanted to do at least one day out of the city. Here it is!

Miskolctapolca Cave Baths

First up, drive the 2 hours by car to the thermal cave bath located in the Miskolc suburb known as Miskolctapolca. The are multiple rooms and passage ways within the baths were the thermal waters are around 30°C.
The baths are thought to be known of as far back as the 16th to 17th century. Three baths were constructed outside of the cave for bathing in 1723 and it wasn't until 1959 that the caves themselves were opened up for bathing. The baths are quite unique and a great place to explore and relax in.

Miskolc Bobpálya

Right next to the cave baths is the bobpálya track. This 500m downhill forest roller coaster is great fun and the perfect way to get a little adrenalin fix. The course starts by pulling you and your cart up the forest hillside before releasing the cart and allowing gravity to do its work. At £1.50 each for a run, this was one of the bargains of the trip!

Lunch at Hotel Tókert

A short drive from Miskolc is the town of Lillafüred and the Hotel Tókert. The hotel's terraced restaurant overlooks Lake Hámori and has a great selection of local dishes. There is not much better than sitting outside on a sunny Hungarian summers day eating traditional beef stew and dumplings and sampling Hungarian wines.

Lillafüred Hanging Gardens

Lillafüred is like a scene out of a postcard! Located in the Bükk Mountains, 12km outside of Miskolc it is easily reachable on a day trip from Budapest. The town is small but has no shortage of attraction. One of the main draws is the Hanging Gardens next to the Palace Hotel. There are plenty of paths to explore off the gardens leading to caves, waterfalls, streams and Lake Hámori.

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