Hong Kong: Other than the 'Happiest Place on Earth'

Agatha Khristie Anthonette Mauricio
Jan 5
I've been to Hong Kong four (4) times and this adventure will give you a low-down of what gems are in between the beautiful skyline and tall skyscrapers, other than the 'Happiest Place on Earth'.

Where to Stay

You can stay either at 1812 Guest House in Nathan Road, Kowloon (for 2 pax), or at Man Wai Building in Wai Street, Kowloon (for bigger groups; 6 - 8 pax). 

Start Early

Head north on Nathan Rd toward Shan Tung Street Take the pedestrian tunnel – Destination Left 47 Bute Street, Hong Kong

Take your breakfast at Kam Wah Cafe before you head on to your trekking/beach trip. Take in as many carbs as you can, you'll be needing a lot! 

Order: Pineapple Bun and Iced Milk Tea

Dragon's Back Hike

From MTR Shau Kei Wan Station Exit A3, take bus 9 at Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus to To Tei Wan, Shek O Road.

Depending on how experienced of a mountaineer or hiker you are (or how much time you spend walking, exercising or hitting the gym), you can finish the entire Dragon's Back Trail in at least 2 - 2.5 hours (or less - I ain't pro so I took my time). Make sure to bring sunscreen, wear the most comfortable hiking/gym clothes, and bring liters of water (ice cold). End of the trail can bring you to either Shek O Beach or Big Wave Bay Beach. 

Not so Hidden Gem No. 2

According to locals, Shek O can be a bit crowded so we opted to spend the afternoon at Big Wave Bay Beach. Heads-up, surfers in plain sight! 

You can't miss the egg waffle!

Before heading back to your hotel/hostel/apt, be in the look out for Hong Kong's famous egg waffles. Egg waffles from any store with 'Michelin Stars' are worth every HKD. 

Indulge in Retail Therapy

City Gate has got to be my quick fix for my impulsive and compulsive shopping spree. You'll need and spend more than your sneaker/ladies/night markets budget but you can definitely find some great deals you can bring home. 

You're still a tourist

Nothing can stop you from being the tourist that you are in Hong Kong. My personal favorite is still going up the observatory to have a good view of the Hong Kong skyline (my 2nd favorite skyline after the Big Apple's. Tip: I like it best at night). You can also indulge in your inner kid's desires by enjoying Space Mountain in Disneyland or watch the Pandas eat and sleep in Ocean Park.

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