Siem Reap, Cambodia: Run, Temple Run!

Agatha Khristie Anthonette Mauricio
Jan 7
Build your plan from this Cambodia leg of a 5-day Cambodia/Bangkok adventure. Prepare for a day's worth of [temple] history immersion.

Home to the famous Angkor Wat

Cambodia, officially known as the 'Kingdom of Cambodia', is a country located in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia. It's an 8-hour bus ride or 1-hour plane ride from Bangkok, Thailand. If it's your first time traveling to Cambodia and you only have a day to explore, then this adventure is for you. Travel well-prepared and pack your trusted walking/running shoes. 

Where to Stay?

Stay at Lub d Cambodia Siem Reap and book via ($15 USD/night for 2 pax; Dorm Type). Lub D offers airport transfers as well as cheap tour packages ($15 - $25 USD), with (additional $50 USD) or without English speaking tour guides. 

Lara Croft boots on

Lub D arranged for our tour package ('Big Three' with sunrise/sunset: Angkor Wat, Ta Prohm [Tomb Raider Temple] and Angkor Thom). The Angkor Wat is a complex measuring 400+ acres so you would highly consider having an experienced and licensed tour guide taking you to the less populated yet equally majestic parts of the temple. Plus, you get your own private photographer out of your tour guide :) 

Sunrise or Sunset?

You are paying for a whole day tour (by tuktuk $28 USD + $50 USD for tour guide), so you don't need to choose between sunrise or sunset, go out and see both! 1 day pass for the Angkor Wat costs $37 USD/person. People flock the Wat as early as 4:30am for the sunrise and packed in the afternoon as early as 5:00pm for the sunset. I traveled in October (rainy season), quite unfortunate that I did not capture orange and red skies. Nonetheless, Angkor Wat still took my breath away. 

Recharge and Feel Energized

3 - 4 hours of temple and ruins exploration will surely leave you exhausted. You can return to your hostel to enjoy lunch, take a quick nap or swim before returning to explore Angkor Thom and enjoy the Angkor Wat sunset.

Return to Angkor Wat for the Sunset

Begin and end your day finding the nicest spot to have a good view of Angkor Wat's clear sunrise and sunset skies.

Khmer Dancing Show

Koulen Restaurant offers local/international buffet which will only cost you $12 USD. What's unique about Koulen is you get to enjoy a glass (or two) of Khmer (Cambodian) ice cold beer while kept entertained with Traditional Khmer Dancing show. 

Khmer Booze

The night is young and alive, and so is the Pub Street in Siem Reap. Join the mob in an all-night dancing and singing. Count your pints of beer though, as you have an early start for next day's Thailand adventure. Visit my profile and build another plan from my Thailand (Bangkok + Ayutthaya) adventure. 

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