Kerteminde, Denmark - Cherry Festival

Pooja Walke
Jan 6
Music, entertainment, food, ice-cream, beautiful weather and most importantly delicious Cherries and lots of recipes from Cherry - All you can enjoy if you visit Karteminde, Denmark in summers.

Cherries and only cherries

It was the first day of cherry festival at Karteminde and we reached at around 10 AM in morning.

Stalls of variety of cherries and it's recipes will attract you and you will start feeling hungry...! It's better to purchase the cherries as early as possible otherwise you will not be able to concentrate on other things; but wait do not fill up your tummy only with cherries because there is lots of delicious food awaiting for you!  

Beautiful Beach walk 

12 PM to 14 PM

Nearby to the festival their is an amazing beach where you can relax and enjoy the view. We spent most of the time clicking beautiful pictures. A small golf ground invites you to play golf, specially if you have kids with you then it would be a great experience.

Music and fun

3 PM to 5 PM

Karteminde give you opportunity to listen to awesome beats, well known singers perform for the crowd, you enjoy the performances with unlimited food and drinks options! Chariot tour gives you option to explore the city. Some houses are build in 18th century which are still there. 

You will definitely enjoy the day in that exuberant environment! Visit this place in July and eat lots of cherries. To get detail information please click below link:

Thank you!

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