New York

Sven Koster
Jan 13
New York, a wonderful place in the December month. The best tips for Christmas activities in New York City based on my experience last Christmas in New York.

176 Shopping vendors, 1500 squared meter ice rink and a large Christmas Tree. We started our magical experience of celebrating Christmas in New York on this market. This market was even more lovely with all the snow that was falling from the sky that day.

This market is just around the corner of Times Square and is open daily from 8 am till 10 pm. There is no better place to find your Christmas gift then in this park. When you are around in this area feel free to try the overpriced but famous cakes at Lady M.

I wrote a lot about Dyker Heights and how to get there here. One thing is for sure this must be on the top of your list of things to visit in New York during Christmas. Yes, it isn’t around the corner, however it is definitely worth visiting.

There are houses that spend more than $30,000 on their Christmas decoration. The only feeling you will have when you will walk from one house to another is, this is ridiculous. Besides that, every house looks wonderful as well.

Mentioned in every list that you will find online, so I had to put it in. I didn’t find this space special and we didn’t spend a long time in this area. However, it is close to 5th Avenue and there are some interesting shops around, for example Nintendo and Lego for me personally. Unfortunately, Tiffany and Co. was around this area as well for my girlfriend. 

Good thing to know is that turning on the lights of the Christmas the Wednesday after Thanksgiving is a big happening. It is live broadcast on NBC and millions of people have watched the lighting of this enormous tree.

Window Shopping on 5th Avenue and Macy’s

On the 5th Avenue there are two department stores with some beautiful window displays. The most famous one is Bergdorf and Goodman. However, the displays this year were a little bit disappointing in comparison with Saks.

Another good alternative would be Macy’s at W 34th St. The displays here were much better. If you are lucky go to the top floor, check if there are still some tickets available to meet Santa. Before you will have a chance to meet Santa you can have a look at some other nicely decorated areas. Those tickets are also available online.

Columbus Circle Holiday Market and Ice Skating in Central Park

My cousin recommended to visit this place. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit it, but we saw it from a distance and it looks like a lovely little Christmas market. However, the ice skate rink in Central Park on the other hand is a very good alternative for the Rockefeller and Bryant Park one. The ice rink isn’t that busy and you will have a good view on the buildings around Central Park.

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