Gregory Terekhin
Jan 14
The New Year trip to beautiful and fashionable Milan with its famous Cathedrals, castles, Triumph Arc, parks and shopping malls. The spirit of history won't leave you while walking the City streets!

First place

Place of a start. It is here that the whole transport of the city comes and regardless of what you came to an airplane, a train or a bus, you will begin your acquaintance with Milan from here! But do not linger here - there are many interesting things ahead!


One of the largest cathedrals in the world, the construction of which was conducted for a total of more than 600 years. Yes, this is a huge figure, I know!

One of the largest in Europe. Among the Gothic churches in capacity is inferior only to the Seville, and among the Italian churches - only to St. Peter's in the Vatican. There are only 3,400 statues in the cathedral.

Be sure to take a ticket with access to the roof part. Views of Milan and the surrounding area are amazing!

Take time shopping. Often, there are good discounts here, and the walk itself in this gallery is very, very fascinating. And if you do not like shops, you can drink coffee in one of the many cafes in the neighborhood.

Porta Sempione is the gateway to Milan, remarkable for the triumphal arch of the 19th century called Arco della Pace (Arch of the World). The name of the Porte Sempione also applies to the area around the gate, and the main street of the district is called Corso Sempione. This is almost all that remains of the once-communal fortress wall guarding Milan.

Dinner time, here is a great pizzeria in the heart of Milan. Recommend! 

Famous opera house. A stunning place with a unique history. The building of the theater, built by the architect J. Piermarini, was one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. It is sustained in a strict neoclassical style and is distinguished by impeccable acoustics. This is the standard of sound! During the Second World War, it was destroyed and restored in its original form. Regardless of the repertoire, get a ticket and spend the evening in this amazing place! 

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