Pooja Walke
Jan 16
There is no major attraction in the city but still if you want to spend a Happy time with your family, you can visit the city and have peaceful holiday!

Odense and H.C. Andersen

Odense is a small city that you can explore by walking or taking help of local transport. Most of the buildings of this city looks same built with same size  and color of bricks. City center is the place where you ca do shopping and buy good food items. There are many parks in the city where you can relax and spend time with yourself!

H. C. Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen is the great author who introduced us to the fairy tales and mermaids. He was born in Odense, Denmark. There is his home in the city that you can visit. In the city you will get attracted to many mermaid statues. 

You can get details about the museum on the below given link.

Odense Zoo

A full day with nature, animals and birds!

Odense zoo gives you opportunity to experience a day where you penguins, chimpanzee, Siberian tiger, monkeys, Lion, ring-tailed lemur,  zebra, giraffe, red panda, West Indian manatee, ostrich, macaws and Aldabra giant tortoisepink-backed pelican, greater flamingo, etc. 

There are timings mentioned in the website where you can see the daily programs and you will get to know which animal is fed at what time. Do not miss the opportunity to see when Penguins are fed...it is going to be mesmerizing experience for you! 

A peaceful Experience

Odense invites you and gives a magical experience, if you have time then you can visit Egeskov Castle, you can see below link for details.

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