Gregory Terekhin
Jan 29
The city break in Zurich, the historical place on beautiful lake’s shore, the pearl of Switzerland, the town that was founded 2000 years ago!
Swiss National Museum 

The must-see destination in Zurich, located next to the Central station. The National Museum shows the history of Switzerland from the ancient to present times and has the collection of 840 000 objects. The entire hall is devoted to the religious part of the Swiss history. The exposition of animals (’beastiary’) will be interesting for children. The advertisement placards of 70-80th of 20th century are rather funny:) The museum occupies 3 floors (14 halls), so reserve at least 2-3 hours to see it all. At the end do not miss the opportunity to buy some souvenirs at the museum’s shop or have a cup of coffee at the cafe at ground floor.

The Grossmuenster

The Grossmuenster (’The Big Cathedral’) was built in the 12th century and currently is one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen. It was projected in the Romanesque-style, has the double tower and is situated on the hill overlooking the river. The towers were erected in 15th century. Richard Wagner is known to have mocked the church’s appearance as that of two pepper dispensers:) In 1519, Ulrich Zwingli, the leader of the Swiss Reformation, became its pastor where he began to preach ideas on reform of the Catholic Church. The monument to Zwingli stands next to the Cathedral now. The Grossmuenster is the main ’Muenster’ in Zurich now, along with the Fraumuenster and several other churches. Do not miss the chance to make a selfie in front of this legendary building!:)

Linth river

The picturesque lake on which Zurich is situated is formed by the Linth river. It is encircled by the beautiful buildings of the Zurich’s old town, including the famous Opera House. You can buy the boat tour (the short trip lasts 1.5 hrs and the long one — 4 hours) to enjoy the surroundings or just make some beautiful pics or selfies on the peer.

Modern art

One of the most fascinating museums in town. It’s very interesting location for people interested in contemporary art. The Migros Museum focuses on productions in close cooperation with the artists. Its exhibiting and collecting activities are closely correlated: many of the purchases for the collection come about as a result of the exhibitions.


In the evening, you can once again walk in the center of Zurich, once again to make sure it is a wonderful city. Everything here breathes peace and tranquility.

Do not miss the Town Hall. It is a symbol of Zurich, one of its main attractions. For more than three hundred years, she has kept a memory of the most outstanding days in the history of Switzerland.