Antwerp: 3 Days in an Accessible City

Jay Abdullahi
Jan 22
An accessible guide on how to spend 3 fabulous days in Antwerp. Enjoy the splendour of the Old Town, and relax by the water in the hip Eilandje district. Savour all the flavours of this city!

Arrive via train to Antwerp Centraal

Travelling to Antwerp by train is the best way to start your trip off right! From the moment you stop off the platform, you already have so many amazing things to see. Including the magnificent station itself.

Antwerp Centraal is well located in the middle of the city. An absolutely stunning station, it is also referred to as the Railroad Cathedral. The inside of the station combines the old with the new. ‘Newsweek’ considered it one of the most beautiful stations in the world. You will have such a great time exploring, and it is accessible, as there was an abundance of lifts, ramps and escalators.

Drop off your luggage at Antwerp City Hostel

Ideally located in Antwerp's Old Town

You can either take a 20 minute walk (closer to 35 minutes for those with reduced mobility) to this hostel from the station. Or take the metro to the Groenplaats stop, and it's just a short walk from there. This hostel is easy on the pockets and accessible! You can find a lift to the different floors of this large hostel. An ample breakfast is served every morning, and you can use the large computer room to plan your trip in Antwerp. There is an accessible bathroom available, with enough space for those with a wheelchair. Ask for the key from the staff. Find out more about this hostel here.

Stroll to the Grote Markt

 This cobble stoned square is in the old district of Antwerp

The Grote Markt, or the Great Market Square is situated in the historic old town district of Antwerp. It features the famous Brabo Fountain in the centre, not far from the nearby Scheldt river. The surrounding area also has the magnificent Antwerp City Hall. You have may options for food, as there a large number of restaurants, and bars. As with the rest of the city, this area is flat and accessible for those with reduced mobility. However, be mindful of the larger cobble stones!

Stop for a vegan delight at Falafel Tof

This falafel restaurant is highly rated for good reason! 

Take your sandwich to go and enjoy it by the Scheldt river. Fabulous views.

Antwerp Cathedral

Cathedral of Our Lady is absolutely magnificent and stands a great height of 123 metres.

The delightful compactness of Antwerp means that you're never too far away from another sightseeing opportunity. After your lunch, you should head towards Antwerp Cathedral. The cathedral has a few Rubens paintings, perfect for those on a short trip. The front door is really heavy to get through, but is accessible once you get inside. There is a wheelchair at the front that can be loaned for people with mobility issues. The interior is truly awe inspiring, so just take a minute to soak up your surroundings.

Go shopping in Meir!

With so many international stores and Belgian brands, you could easily spend all day on this street!

Visit Rubens House

On the same long street as all the shops. So give your wallet a break and soak up some culture

There is a fabulous garden attached to the house, so be sure to take advantage if the sun is shining!

Grab something to eat at Stadsfeestzaal

Opulently designed with many accessible features, including lifts to all floors

Grote Markt for dinner

There are plenty of options for dinner in the Old Town. This is an especially great place to finish your day, as it just looks marvellous by night. And there will be fewer people, so you can really enjoy it.

Museum Aan de Stroom (MAS) 

A little further away from the Old Town, this uniquely shaped museum has 9 different floors of artwork. A 2-Michelin star restaurant 't Zilte, as well as a rooftop perfect for panoramic views. There are stairs to the top, but wheelchair users can access the 9th floor for shots of the serene surroundings.

Spend the day in Eilandje

You could easily spend a day here, as the MAS is located by docks in the cool Eilandje district. Take photos from the rooftop and chill out below in the open space. Then take your pick of the large number of restaurants and bars close by.

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