Siargao Island

Jan 23
Siargao, Philippines is a well known place for Surfers. There are international competitions for surfing which are held in Siargao. This place is not only for Surfers but for beach bummers like me.
Start Island Hopping Early

There are 3 Islands that you must visit when you reach Siargao. You should start early so that you will have a lot of time enjoying for each of the Island.

1st top in Island Hopping: Guyam Island
Guyam Island is best to visit when it is High Tide, that's why it's best to visit this first. The "bangkeros" (boatman) also knows the best 1st stops depending on the weather and tide.  Entrance Fee in Guyam Island: 10Php (0.20USD) per person
2nd Stop: Daku Island

It is best to stay here for a long time as there are cottages here for shades when it gets too hot. You can also have your "Boodle Fight" here. Boodle Fight is a way of Filipino food sharing.

Entrance Fee in Daku Island: 100 Php (2 USD) per boat

Cottage Fee in Daku Island: 250 Php (5 USD) per cottage

3rd and Last Stop : Naked Island

It is called Naked Island because you will not find any trees. It is just a plain sand bar. But why visit this? Because it has the most finest sand you'll ever experience! Their sand is Powder-like.

Entrance Fee in Naked Island : Free

Go back to Hotel to Wash Up

After the Island Hopping you can go back to the hotel to wash up, or just go directly to the next destination, your choice.

Next Destination

After Island Hopping, it is time to head to the Cloud9. You can see the large waves and surfers there. If you are not a surfer but wanted to try surfing, worry not because there are tutorials for amateurs.

Wake Up Early

You need to wake up early as the next destination will be around 2 hours trip from Siargao Proper.

Sugba Lagoon

You are only allowed to stay for 4 hours only in Sugba Lagoon, this is because the area is small and a lot of tourists coming in and out. You need to hire a van to get to Del Carmen port. 

2nd Destination for the 2nd Day: Magpupungko

Magpupungko Pool is perfect if the tide is low. 

Entrance Fee: 50Php (1 USD) per person

Here's a snippet of our Siargao Visit
Other Details about Siargao:

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