Louvre Museum

Pooja Walke
Jan 23
Louvre Museum is magnificent place; where you find best artwork in the world! 1-2 days are not enough to visit this place, if you really want to study it in detail.

Louvre Museum 

An excursion to Paris without an outing to the Louvre is immeasurable, however the Louvre itself is about incomprehensible. The building of the museum is so big from outside that you cannot capture it in one frame. Everything that you've heard or perused or envisioned is true; including the regularly impolite mob encompassing Mona Lisa. The Louvre museum is amazing yet overpowering. You truly could invest a very long time in here and still not see everything.

Louvre Museum with 300 rooms takes almost three 10-hour days. I spent in the Louvre regardless I have not seen everything. You need to plan it with military exactness down to which door you come through - there are lines that are longer on a few sides than others. Pyramid entrance is more swarmed than say Portes des Lions despite the fact that those are not generally open. I utilized Portes de Lions.

When you are in, I assume you could go and visit Mona Lisa on the off chance that you should despite the fact that I caution you of the group - it is likewise under security glass. Proceed onward rapidly and there are other Da Vinci's to wonder about simply hanging there. Among a huge number of other incredible works of art, a considerable measure of which we know since they are that acclaimed! Or then again download the Louvre application or contract the earphone guides - I really loved the application which enabled me to be my own particular guide. 

The Historical Stuff

For Law and History fans the Law Code of Hammurabi, King of Babylon is standing pleased as a stele in the Mesopotamian wing just before you see some other saved engraved dividers from Assyria and Sumeria and so forth. I think the Lamassu are sublime and worth a decent 10 minutes of spending at. They are extremely old yet so all around safeguarded. For those of us who are corroded on Assyrian Lamassu are the winged bulls with the heads of men which are more than 5000 years of age and strong stone. 

Statues & Artwork

If you like statues then Michaleangelo's Dying Slave, Venus de Milo, the Winged Victory of Samothrace and additionally Canova's Cupid Reviving Psyche are all there for your survey delight. What's more, in the event that you are not searching for one of the mega renowned pieces and need to something which you cannot name off the highest point of your head unless exceptionally knowledgeable in craftsmanship history, I prescribe Adam's Prometheus Bound, Pajou's Psyche Abandoned or Coyot's Death of Dido; all statues delineating disaster however will render some feeling in the guest!

Get your passes first!

When I asked local staff that how many days it takes to visit the whole museum and she answered if you really want to visit each and every part and study in detail then 3 weeks also not enough to cover it all. But this extra-ordinary museum should be visited by everyone.

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