Lisa Rivera
Jan 30
This coastal city on the west coast of Morocco is ideal for a city break, family vacation or a romantic time-out for two. Heads up, because the beach is just around the corner too.
Book into Madada Mogador
The chicest boutique hotel in Essaouira

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a stay at the sumptuous Madada Mogador. This 4-star hotel offers rooms and suites with a location that's within walking distance of all the sights. If you're really lucky, you'll book the huge loft suite. This suite can accommodate 6 people, and probably dogs too! 

Also be sure to book a table at its excellent restaurant, La Table by Madada. Being near the sea, the catch here is always fresh, and the raving reviews are testament to this. 

Visit the ramparts of the city
Discover Essaouira's past

See an important piece of history by visiting the ramparts of Essaouira. The canons lined up by the walls are a stark reminder of the city's fortress past. What's more, you get unspoiled views of the sea here, and more than ample photo opportunity, as there's more than enough ramparts to go around!

Visit the souk
Buy a bargain or two

When it comes to souks, no country does them better than Morocco. And the souk in Essaouira is definitely one to visit. The energy of the marketplace is unlike any other, and if you like fresh fish, you'll really enjoy wandering here! 

From clothing, bags and shoes, to souvenirs and olives, there's something for everyone at the souk. The only trouble you'll have, is finding enough space in your luggage to take it all home.

Sample the freshest catch
The proof's in the aroma

Speaking of fish, Essaouira's the place where you can try some of the freshest produce. Its location by the sea, means that fish and seafood is caught daily and sold in the market.

To get an even more authentic experience, some of the market stalls will cook your meal right there and then. It doesn't get any fresher than that!

Lights, camera, action
Make sure the batteries are fully charged

Visiting Essaouira, especially when the sun's shining  - which is most of the year - is the ideal setting for budding photographers. Immerse yourself in one of the many alleyways and narrow streets.

You can also follow in my footsteps and get completely lost in the back streets. You're sure to stumble upon some rustic looking buildings and return home with a ton of photos to add to your portfolio.