Eiffel Tower

Pooja Walke
Jan 29
Eiffel tower is the only reason because of I dreamt to go Paris from my childhood. Finally, mission accomplished! Visiting this extraordinarily beautiful creation is a lifetime experience.
First view of Eiffel Tower

Undoubtedly one of the best building miracles of the world and unquestionably an absolute necessity finds in Paris. There is such a great amount of history to the Eiffel Tower itself, particularly the part of Parisians at first abhorring it when it was built. I heard it's justified regardless of the experience. Its sheer size is mind-blowing to see very close and is an extremely pleasant focus piece to the city itself. Be vigilant for the daily light show which can be seen from miles away.

Going up there...! 

Well, there are two options to go up there on the top floor. One is that you can choose the stairs, which is definitely going to take a lot of time but if you are adventurous then you must opt for it. We had already booked the tickets where we could access all three floors (1st floor, 2nd floor, and summit) by using a lift. If you are going to book tickets then be present on the ground level at the given time. You can book your tickets then you can click here. 

The moment lift starts going up there you start feeling the excitement. The beautiful view of Paris starts appearing in front of your eyes. We decided to skip the first floor and second floor and directly go to Summit and while returning we would discover other floors.

The top floor

The top floor is the place where you get an extraordinary view of Paris city. There are telescopes available if one wants to do observations in detail. The view is no less than magic. 

At the top of the Tower explore Gustave Eiffel’s office which has been restored to its original condition. The scene depicts the Tower’s creator and his daughter Claire welcoming the famous American inventor, Thomas Edison. You will also find a model of the top of the Tower in ower’s original red-brown color which was actually planned by him.  

Second Floor
Restaurants and gift shops

Jules Verne restaurant is where you can have experience of some cutting-edge French delicious food and a one of a kind visual and culinary experience, all in a flawless and tasteful setting but it is heavy for your pocket.

There are other arrangements also which offers yummy food on the second floor. You can buy souvenier and gifts for the near and dear ones on this floor. The view of Paris is magnificent from this floor as well, there are telescopes which helps you to do your observations in detail on this floor.

First floor

As we had the access to VIP Lounge where we had some delicious snacks and drinks. The first floor is again the best experience where the transparent glasses give you the breathtaking and spectacular view of the ground. Some interesting facts like mentions of Eiffel Tower in the movies, the new year celebrations at Eiffel tower photographs and many interesting things about the Eiffel tower you get to know on this floor.

In the end, when you back to the ground level, you can go to the garden, from where you will get the great view of Eiffel tower. Garden is really beautiful and you can create memories by clicking nice photographs...! This place is mesmerizing I cannot wait to go again and again. à la prochaine Eiffel Tower!