Naomi Lai
Jan 31
Chefchaouen is known as «The Blue Pearl». Literally everything is blue; from the painted cobble stone streets to the ceilings. Situated in the Riff Mountains, Chaouen is one of Morocco’s must-dos.
Arrive by «Grand Taxi»
(or bus or private «petite taxi»)

Departing whenever the 7-seater is full, this 2 hour drive will only run you about 80 dirhams. This is how the locals travel! I was lucky to meet a nice Moroccan couple who was visiting Chefchaouen for a weekend vacation. They took me to incredible hole-in-the-wall restaurants, and even found a spot where we could drink beer (which is not commonly available in Muslim countries)!

Get lost in the Medina!

You’ll find something beautiful around every corner. It’s a photographer’s dream. You’re bound to get a solid Instagram pic, I promise. It felt like there was no end to the narrow streets and blue stairways to follow. It’s also a nice place to do a little shopping! Leather goods are of high quality and very cheap by comparison to other countries.

Try Snail Soup!
Yes, really. 

Reward yourself after a long hike with a delicious, salty bowl of snail soup. You can find a few street stalls around the Medina. I was hesitant to try it, but my Moroccan friends insisted, and they were totally right! It's surprisingly delicious and something fun to say you've tried. I ended up going back for more! 

Cascade D'Akchour

Follow the forest-shaded trail to an epic waterfall - but wear comfortable/durable shoes! It gets pretty rocky and muddy. This is, I believe, a bit of a local's secret. Everyone else we encountered on the trail spoke Arabic, and some women were even hiking in their Jilbabs (long dresses)! 

Have Tagine for Dinner

One of Morocco's signature dishes, served in a special clay pot. It's a must-try during your visit. 

Enjoy the Mesmerizing Call to Prayer

It echoes throughout the city, bouncing from wall to wall and out into the mountains. Best experienced on a terrace beneath the stars, and a cup of Moroccan mint tea. 

Stay at a Riad
A signature Moroccan style of accomodation

A riad is defined by it's inner courtyard. Generally, a multi-story building with rooms surrounding the central courtyard will feature a pool, fountain, or at the very least, some greenery. It works as a natural cooling system for the building, even with the open roof. While rain usually puts a damper on a vacation, there's something magical about listening to the rain fall in a Riad.