El Nido, Palawan

Jan 28
In El Nido,Philippines you will experience both lagoons and beach having a crystal clear water. Also, you will see beautiful rock formations!
Arrived at Puerto Princesa Airport
El Nido Land Travel from Puerto Princesa Airport is about 5-6 hours. It is really far but it is the cheapest way to reach El Nido.

Van Sharing cost: 1400Php (Roundtrip) per person

Things you can do in El Nido

You have to get the Island Hopping Activities when in El Nido. This is the only way you will appreciate more the beach and El Nido itself since the town is just so small.

On DAY 1: Tour A

Tour A consists of Small Lagoon,Big Lagoon, Secret Lagoon,Simizu Island (Snorkeling),7 commando Beach

Tour A Island Hopping fee: 1,200Php (25 usd) per person including Lunch

Shimizu Island - Unfortunately, I dont have photos here since what we did was full on snorkeling. The current at that time was a bit strong, so we only stayed near the boat. We were able to do snorkeling, and indeed there were a lot of fishes in the see.

On DAY 2: Tour C

Tour C consists of Helicopter Island,Secret Beach, Matinloc Shrine, and Hidden Beach

Tour C Island Hopping fee: 1,400Php (28 USD) per person including Lunch

Secret Beach

Another place that I don't have any photo of. (Shame on me!). However, this one is like the Secret lagoon but has a shore. 

Here's a Snippet of our El Nido trip. Watch the video below
End of tour.

You must be prepared for the sunburns, and bring a lot of sunblocks when you decided to go here. 

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