Gili Trawangan

Lisa Rivera
Jan 31
Only an hour away from beautiful Bali, the largest of the Gili islands, Gili Trawangan, is another little bit of paradise waiting to be discovered.
La Cocoteraie Ecolodge
For glamping lovers 

If you like a bit of luxury when you go camping, you'll love a stay at La Cocoteraie Ecolodge. This tented resort is on the north-west side of Gili T, and it's on the quieter side of the island. Its owner is French, and you can see the influences in the menu, and the personal decorative touches around the resort.

The tents itself are spacious, decked in bamboo, and have WiFi and hot running water. Spend some time lounging by the pool with a cocktail, and be sure to wake up for the breakfast, it’s that good. The highlight however, has to be the free bikes provided to guests. It’s the perfect way to see Gili T, especially as there are no cars or bikes here. Yippee!

Explore the island
Sun, sea and stroll

There’s a calm energy in the air when you get to Gili T, and you’ll instantly feel the stresses of everyday life lift once you get here. Saying that, there’s no better way to see the island than by discovering it.

One huge advantage (I thought so at least) to Gili T, is that there’s no form of motor vehicles on the land. When you reach the island from the ferry, you’ll notice a line of decorated horses with carriage waiting to take you to your respective hotel. Forget the horses in Central Park NYC, this is Gili T style, and very rustic. Still, the experience is worthwhile, and depending on where you stay, you get to see much of the island. At night, do take caution if cycling, as the horses still transport people in the dark, and lighting isn’t great!

Tip: if you see the horses in need of some refreshment, don’t be afraid to approach them and give them a drink.

Catch the sunset
Watch all the colours in the sky

I’m a sucker for a good sunset, and I cannot stress enough how beautiful they are on Gili T. Clearly the smart hotel/bar owners were more than aware of this, and have set up seating areas on the beach for visitors to get the best views.

Take advantage of the many great cocktails, and happy hour, they have at these places, and sit back, and enjoy the view.

Fish glorious fish!
It's the freshest catch around

There are many places to eat around the island, but during the evening, you’ll see more fresh fish and seafood on offer. By this time, all the restaurants have bought a selection of local fish and entice visitors to try it at their establishment.

If you’re looking for something more romantic, go to a restaurant where you can get a sea view, or better yet, a table on the shore. It’ll make for a memorable evening, and you’re sure to eat something delicious too.

Top up on your tan
It's bronzing time

Get a tan that’ll make your friends and family green with envy. The weather in Gili T is good pretty much all year around, so you can expect plenty of sunshine and warm waters.

Many water sports companies operate here, but double check they’re reputable and trustworthy before booking anything. The beach is big enough for everyone, and I never had a problem having an area to myself! Don’t forget to bring high factor sunscreen, a sunhat and insect repellent. The last thing you want to do is ruin your golden tan with insect bites and painful red sunburn marks!