Gregory Terekhin
Jan 31
The unforgettable weekend at the capital of Ukraine, the city of beautiful churches, chestnut trees and delicious cuisine:)

The main Kiev's avenue is more than a kilometer long. It starts from the Europe's and finishes at the Bessarabskaya square. Kreshatik began its history as a street in the end of 18 – the beginning of 19 centuries. Already by the end of 19 century, Kreshatik was a completely built up street. Here was a set of shops, banks, various offices. In 1892 first in Russian empire the line of electric tram, connecting Kreshatik and Podol, was laid at the street. During Soviet period Kreshatik was reconstructed and equipped more actively in 1936-1941. Nowadays, Kreschatyk passes the famous Maidan (the Independence square) where the tragic events of 2014 took place.


The Maidan (Independence Square) is the heart of Kiev. Before the 17th century the 'Goat's swamp' was on the site of Maidan. By the 1870th is was drained and the building of the City Duma was built here. In the USSR times the Communist Party's Committee occupied the Duma's building. The monumental high-rise building of 'Moscow' hotel (now 'Ukraine') was built at Maidan on 1961. In 1977 Maidan was renamed to the October Revolution's square, the ensemble of fountains and the Revolutions' monument were built. On 2001 Maidan was fully renovated and the Independence Column (the girl with the tree's branch) was erected in the middle of Square.

Bulgakov House

I think the majority of people all over the world have heard about Mikhail Bulgakov, the famous Ukrainian writer, who created such masterpieces like ’Master & Margarita’, ’Dni Turbinyh’, ’The dog’s heart’ along with a lot of theatre’s plays. Some of his books were filmed and the characters of these movies became famous (like Prof. Preobrazhensky from the ’Dog’s heart’). The museum devoted to his early life (Bulgakov and his family lived here in 1906-1919) is located at the Andreevsky descent, among the beautiful churches. The Bulgakov’s monument is next to the Museum’s entrance.


Have you ever tried ’salo’ and ’gorilka’? Not yet?:) Then you must visit ’Spotykach’ restaurant, which is just 10 minutes walk from the Bulgakov’s museum. There you can try the authentic Ukrainian food and local liquers for reasonable prices. The service here is pleasant, staff will recommend you their specials like the cold borsch (beetroot soup), freezed like an ice-cream or Chicken a-la Kiev.


Do you want to know how the former Ukrainian President Yanukovich lived before he had fled from his country in 2014? Then go to Mezhygirya, the country estate situated almost 18 km from Kiev (take the Uber, it will be rather cheap). The luxurious mansions, gardens, fountains and even zoo are located on the territory. It is rumoured that there is the golden toilet in Yanukovich's residence:) Now this estate is open for public and belongs to the Government. You can arrange the guided tour but be prepared it will be held in Ukrainian language:)

Where was the Eurovision Song Contest! 

Do you love music? Of course yes:) Then you must have heard about the international Eurovision song contest that had been held in Kiev in May 2017. The International Exhibition Center hosted this grand event and I personally visited it. How was it? The singers and the thousands of their fans from all over the world (even Australia takes part in the contest), nice sound, special effects...! The great tension before the winner is announced. Uhhh, VERY impressive and lively:) I couldn't imagine so MUCH energy in one place!