Saint Petersburg

Gregory Terekhin
Jan 31
The weekend trip to the beautiful Northern Russian capital, the city founded by Peter the Great, the ’Northern Venice’.


If you are traveling by train, you will arrive to this station. Moscow Vokzal is located in the very center of Saint-Petersburg and is crowded 24/7. The famous Obelisque ’To the hero-town Leningrad’ commemorating the WW2 is situated in the center of the square, in front of the station’s central entrance. You can reach any district of Saint-Petersburg by the metro (the stop is just 50 meters from the station).

Palace Square

The Palace Square is located on the banks of Neva river and occupies the territory of more than 5 hectares. It is encircled by the world famous historical buildings including the Winter Palace, the residence of Russian emperors (built in the 18th century). The Alexander Column is erected in the very middle of the Palace Square. A lot of historical events (including the 1917’s revolution) took place here. Now it is the venue of official events including concerts.

Petropavlovskaya Fortress

The impressive Petropavlovskaya Fortress is located on the island, across the river from the Winter Palace. It was founded in the beginning of 18th century by Peter the Great himself and the French architecture Lambert and has the 6 bastions. The Peter and Paul’s Cathedral, which is situated inside the Fortress, is the burial place of Russian Emperors from Peter the First. Nowadays, the Fortress is the museum, its Signal cannon shoots everyday at noon exactly.

Saviour on the Spilled Blood church

Saviour on the Spilled Blood church is located on the place where the Tsar Alexander the Second was assassinated in 1881 (the Griboyedov canal). It was built on the donations from all over the Russian Empire. The Church contains the rich collection of the mosaics and is the state museum now.

Kazan Cathedral

The beautiful semi-circled Kazan cathedral is situated in the very center of Saint-Petersburg, close to Nevsky prospect. Built in 19-th century, it serves as the depository of the miracle-working icon of the Kazan’s Holy Virgin.

St. Isaac’s Cathedral

The stunning St. Isaac’s is located close to the City center and is the biggest orthodox church in Saint-Petersburg. Built in 19th century by the architect Auguste de Montferrand, it is projected in the late neoclassical style. The cathedral’s main dome rises 101.5 metres (333 ft) and is plated with pure gold. The Dome’s rotunda is encircled by a walkway accessible to tourists.

Zenit Arena

The football stadium also known as Zenit Arena was built in 2017 according to the project of the Japanese architect Kurosawa. It hosts the local football games and will be one of the stadiums of the World Championship-2018 and the Europe Championship-2020.

Famous cinema studio

If you love watching movies — you MUST visit ’Lenfilm’, the famous film studio, on which the legendary movies were made. It was founded in 1914 and currently is the oldest studio in Russia. During the Soviet times the numerous classical (based on Shakespeare’s novels) and modern movies of the different genres were filmed. Nowadays, it hosts the movies museum with the rich collection of costumes and retro cars.

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