5 Activities in Dehradun that will rejuvenate your Spirits

Mohammed Khan
Sep 13
Need Perfect Escape? Uttrakhand Will Give You One.

About Dehradun

City life can get exhausting to a point where you desperately need a vacation to rejuvenate. Delhi being the capital of India is a congested city sprawling with cars, people, street vendors, and hawkers. It is difficult to find a quaint, peaceful place in a bustling city like Delhi. If you are looking to escape from this crowded crockpot of noise and pollution, you can head to a nearby hill station. 

Traveling & Journey 

A mere one-hour journey from Delhi to Dehradun, the hilly city of Uttrakhand will provide you the perfect escape. Most travellers visit Dehradun as a pit stop while on their way to Rishikesh and Haridwar However, this hilly wonder of peace and tranquillity is highly underestimated. Here are 5 things that will leave you feeling refreshed and renewed:

Forest Research Institute Museum 

Located on rich green grounds, lies a massive structure decorated with hints of British architectural elements. This museum is known to be bigger than the British marvel itself, the Buckingham Palace. This significant Institute engages in critical research related to forests and houses various museums such as the Pathology Museum and the Social Forestry Museum. You might even recognize it as the backdrop of the hit film, Student of The Year. 

 Mindrolling Monastery  

Dehradun has a thriving Tibetan Buddhist culture. This monastery, in particular, is 10 km from the centre of the city. Everything about this monastery is over the top. Its Great Stupa is said to be the tallest in the world. This Stupa contains shrine rooms displaying murals and Tibetan art. Its 35m high gold Buddha Statue is dedicated to the Dalai Lama and is a marvel to see. 

Rajaji National Park

This is a nature lover’s delight. This melting pot of flora and fauna offers some mesmerizing pictures. The national park has over 400 species of birds. Other thrilling sights to see are those of the Tiger, Himalayan Bear, Leopards, Monitor Lizard, Pythons and much more. Opt for a wildlife jungle safari that departs the break of dawn. 

Robber’s Cave 

Here you can witness the miracle of nature. This is a 600m elongated naturally formed cave about 8kms outside of the main city. A river passes through the cave making it an ideal picnic spot for friends and family. 

Dhamma Salila 

Being home to one of the most peaceful religions in the world, there are bound to be meditation camps around the city. Dhamma Salila is one such tranquil place. Here you can opt for a meditation course known as Vipassana. This is a program wherein beginners can learn the art of meditation and subsistence living. This is a great way to end your journey of rejuvenation. 

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