Halloween at Bran Castle in Transylvannia

Lee Walpole
Oct 16
This year, make it a memorable Halloween with a party like no other, at Bran Castle in Transylvannia.
Vlad the Impaler

Rather than the typical blood sucking monster we’ve come to know and fear from Bram Stoker’s version, this castle belonged to the real-life menace himself, Vlad the Impaler. 

The City

We began our 2-day trip exploring the city of Cluj-Napoca. It’s the capital city of Transylvania and has a great variety of bars and clubs thanks to its student culture.

Food and drink is really cheap here. We paid £20 at Bar Toulouse for 4 cocktails, 2 sides and a large stack of barbecue pork ribs.

Shortly after filling our tums, we hit the clubs. First stop, Flying Circus, was just as cheap as our bargain dinner, but had the advantages of a dance floor and foosball table.

We then moved on to Club Janis — a late night club that plays rock music till the early hours of the morning.

From Cluj-Napoca, it’s around 5 hours to reach The House of Dracula. It’s an incredibly eerie, but friendly castle-themed hotel which has some seriously stunning views.

We rented an entire annex for a few hundred quid — which worked out less than £40 each a night.

To find Dracula’s fortress you have to drive through the ancient town of Brasov, taking the roads between the forest and mountains. It’s 500km from Bucharest, and you’ll know you’re near once you see Bran Castle glowing a fitting blood red in the misty distance.

Bran is a small town in Transylvania, a Romanian state famous for its vampires and birthplace of the horror film icon, Count Dracula.

There’s usually a queue to get inside the medieval structure, with many people from across the globe, desperate to get a dose of some horrible history and a tour of the castle by ‘Vlad’ himself.

When you eventually get in, you’re taken through the narrow staircases and 600-year-old torture rooms. Vlad was no soft touch!

After the tour, you’re taken outside, and given black Vodka shots before being led through a dark and dingy pathway. Here you’ll eventually find Dracula’s After party tent at the back of the courtyard. And it’s where the fun really begins!

It’s without doubt the best Halloween party I’ve ever been to. We danced alongside Draculas, Mummies, Jokers, Teletubbies, Clowns and Dwarves! Save your energy for this party, as it goes on till daylight.