Cardiff (Wales): Hike or cycle the Taff Trail

Sven Koster
Oct 19
When you are in Wales you have to do the Taff Trail. You can hike or cycle this trail and start from Cardiff. This trip brings you through the beautiful countryside of Wales.
Bute Park Education

Continue your walk through the park. In the end you will reach Bute Park Education. A nice place to have a drink and have a look around before you continue your hike.

Llandaf Cathedral

Optional, a small hike (15 minutes) away from the main trail, is the lovely Llandaf Cathedral. A good moment to change the river view for a view in a lovely village.

Melingriffith Water Pump

Next thing you will notice on your trail next to the Taff is the Melingriffith Water Pump. According to Svenywhere: "You will spot this amazing water pump at the moment the trail will reach the main road again." 

Technically this is a water pump engine. The water pump is build in the 1790s. It lifted water from the tail-race exiting the Melingriffith Ironworks, into the Glamorganshire canal. Since 2010 this water pump is restored in its original glory.

Radyr Weir Hydroelectric Scheme

This hydroelectric scheme creates enough energy throughout the year to power 550 homes. It is fully automatic and when it the water level in the Taff is too low the machine will switch off automatically.

Sometimes you can be lucky enough that someone is inside the hydroelectric scheme to operate or maintain it. And if you ask kindly enough you are able to have a look inside.

Castell Coch

If you are doing this trail all by foot, just as me. I would recommend you to visit Castell Coch and then take the train from Taffs Well back to Cardiff. However if you are by bike you can cycle much further, for example till Pontypridd. Castell Coch looks like an old castle from the Middle Ages. However this castle isn’t that old. The castle was finished in 1891 and was build in order of William Burges who was fascinated by the castles from the Middle Ages.