Koh Samui District

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Oct 23
Swim in a pool of red at The Library in Koh Samui

The Resort

Bathe in ruby red waters in the signature pool at The Library in Thailand, and still come out with a golden tan.

On first glance of the blood red water, you’d be mistaken for thinking something more sinister was going on. In actual fact, the colour comes from the hand-laid mosaic amber and the claret-coloured tiles.

Powdery white sand and sleek cutting-edge suites and villas await, as does a stunning panorama of the Gulf of Thailand.

As the name suggests, The Library is home to many books; over 1,400 publications neatly lined up in an all-white air-conditioned space overlooking the water. There’s plenty of space to relax in polished green grounds and indulge in a spot of water sports, with kayaking and windsurfing on offer.

The Library is on Koh Samui’s buzziest stretch on Chaweng Beach, a 10-minute taxi ride from the airport. It’s not a destination instantly linked with culture and calm, but The Library is very much a sophisticated experience.

With its book theme evident throughout the hotel, you really could be holidaying with tomorrow’s Ernest Hemingway or EL James. The 46-monochromed shiny-floored suites are referred to as ‘pages’; if you can, try to stay at the Bookmark suite with views of the sea and pool from its bed. 

Relaxing day

For aspiring writers, what better suites to stay in than The Writer, an exclusive-use villa on the beach? If this doesn’t get your creative juices flowing, head to the Drink Gallery, which has over 20 signature cocktails on the menu. What’s more, you can custom make your own Pad Thai.

Take an amble along the beach to Eat Sense for a low-key Thai supper right on the sand. You’ll be blown away by the house specialty, Pla Tod Ta Krai, a garlicky deep-fried fish with kaffir lime leaves and lemongrass. Another good choice is Bophut, a restaurant 15 minutes’ drive north. Here, you can dine on contemporary Thai flavours at Karma Sutra, a rustic restaurant in the Fisherman’s Village. 

Exploring Koh Samui

The Elephant Gate was built back in 1979 by a head monk of a local temple. The head monk Pra-kru Pairoj Kiriwong wanted to beautify the entrance to the village so he decided to build a beautiful gate at its entrance. His aim was to encourage all passers-by to visit this quaint village and its beautiful temple.

Each of the gate’s two elephant statues are life-sized representations of an elephant and are well crafted to represent the importance of elephants in local culture. 

After the restoration, the statues are again in a grand state; however, the original gemstone eyes have been removed from the structures. After the next royal ceremony, gemstone eyes will be again placed back on the elephants. In the the meantime, you will notice painted eyes in the place of the original gemstones.

Visitors to Koh Samui often miss this famous structure, so be sure to take some time out and plan a trip to Taling Ngam to see this beautiful gate.

Enjoy Tar Nim Waterfall and Magic Garden. It's a nice and cool shady spot to hang out on a hot afternoon. Some kids would love it, as well as anyone fond of concrete statues that define kitsch or whatever the Thai word for it is! Relax in this spot of nature and admire its beauty. 

Reading at the Lib

After exploring the local area spend a day at the theme building of The Library. The Lib offers curated collection of over 1400 books to leaf through and an array of movies and music CDs of various genres to enjoy. Minimalist alabaster-white interiors coupled with stunning views of the sea and the Red Pool provide picture-perfect backdrops to an afternoon of light reading and relaxed entertainment.

Quiet places with stunning views. It's better to come here early in the morning or before sunset to enjoy the surrounding views. Prepare to be surrounded by beautiful and unique nature.

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