Emily Tarrier
Feb 4
The capital of Latvia and amazing surroundings!
Get your bearings in Old Town

Spend your first morning in Riga exploring the Fairytale-Esque Streets Old Town. Discover it's colourful houses and beautiful buildings which are just seething with history.

St Peter's Church

St Peter's Church is one of the oldest and most beautiful gothic churches in the Baltic states. It is also the tallest spire in the Riga. For €9 (adult ticket) you can get a lift to the top of its tower and admire the fantastic views across the city from the outdoor viewing platform.

The Three Brothers

Make sure to pass by the Three Brothers, a building complex consisting of three houses that together form the oldest complex of dwelling houses in Riga.

House of the Blackheads

Head to Rātslaukums (Town Hall Square) to admire the beautiful House of Blackheads, originally built over 600 years ago for the Brotherhood of Blackheads, a guild for unmarried German merchants in Riga.

The Freedom Monument

Next, head out of Old Town and into Freedom Boulevard where you will find the Freedom Monument, a memorial honouring soldiers killed during the Latvian War of Independence

The Nativity of Christ Cathedral

Visit the magnificent Orthodox Cathedral, which was built when Latvia was still a part of the Russian empire. You can explore both the extravagant exterior and equally as mesmorising interior.

Lunch at Lido

Head back to Old Town for lunch at LIDO. This casual and homely restaurant has a wide selection of Latvian dishes which you can pick and choose from, canteen style. This is a great place to try real local food for a bargain price.

Get Adventurous on the Outskirts of Town!

You may be surprised to find out that Riga has become a popular European stag do/hen do location. This is due partly to the many bars and cheap drink prices, but also due to the many activities that are available within and around the city. 

Check out RED FOX TOURS who offer a whole host of fun activities, from an escape room, quad biking, paintballing, go-karting, off-roading, zorb football, shooting, and so much more. Many of the activities are located close by, and the company offer a free transfer service, meaning it's easy to squeeze a couple into an afternoon. However, if you have a bit more time, they also offer many longer day trips and activities for you to take part in.

Dinner at 1221 Restorāns

Celebrate your first night in Riga with dinner at 1221 Restaurant.

Take a Free Walking Tour of the Suburbs
12:00 - 15:00

Take a free walking tour of the suburbs with RIGA FREE TOUR. Meet the yellow-suitcase-carrying guide at 12:00 (7 days a week) in front of the entrance of St. Peters Church, and spend the afternoon (3 hours) exploring lesser known parts of the city and learning about its rich history.

Grab a Speķa Pīrāgi (Bacon Turnover) at Riga Central Market

Riga Central Market was opened in 1930 as the largest and most advanced marketplace in Europe. Located inside old military airship hangars in Old Town, it's still extremely popular with locals doing their food shopping. Feel like a local as you wander around the market, and definitely pick up Speķa Pīrāgi (Bacon Turnover) from one of the many stalls.

Visit the Art Neuveux District

Did you know that Riga is often referred to as the Art Nouveau capital of Europe? More than a third of the buildings in its central district are built in this style. Spend the afternoon wanding around this beautiful part of the capital, which is also home to a couple of quaint little coffee spots.

Dinner at Folkklubs ALA Pagrabs

Folkklubs ALA Pagrabs is an underground tavern in Old Town with the biggest range of Latvian beers in Riga, fantastic modern Latvian food and live local music. The venue is open until late so is a great place for dinner and a few drinks afterwards. Make sure you try the traditional garlic rye-bread!

Take a Day Trip to Sigulda

Sigulda is a town about 1 hour (by car or train) away from Riga and is full of exciting activities for adrenaline junkies. Not only is it home to one of the few bobsledding tracks in the world open to anyone, but there is also a ski track and treetop adventure park. A full day of fun activities just a short distance from the Capital. 

Check out this post to find out more about Sigulda...