Soncho Poncho
Feb 13
Borjomi has been in the center of attention for decades due to its wonderful springs and mineral water.

Golden Tulip Borjomi

«Excellent place to stay in Borjomi.»

 The suite is outstanding. The architecture is excellent and decorations eye catching. Feeling  like celebrities with almost every visitor to the national park taking photos of your balcony.

Borjomi Central Park


In Borjomi you get pleasure from communication with nature. Mountains, birds singing, fresh air.

It's nice to walk in the park and breathe fresh and mountain air. You can see mountain springs, waterfalls and even attractions for children. Gallery with mineral water is located in a glass blue garden house. The entrance to the central park costs 2 gel (0,6$).

Borjomi Cable Car

Beautiful  views of  Borjomi 

Borjomi Cable Car grabs the attention of numerous tourists who come here to give a ride in these cars and enjoy the lovely scene down.

It leaves from Mineral Water Park and heads up to the hill opening scenery views of the Water Park. Sometimes it is enough to take a ride in the cable car and enjoy the lovely and beautiful views of this resort town. The amazing views of the nearby mountains, valleys and the park leave a print in people’s memory making them come back there again. At the top of the hill you will meet a Ferris Wheel.

Goodbye Borjomi 

Say goodbye to the mountains and the magnificent nature of this magical place. Near the hotel you can find souvenir shops, buy Georgian sweets, pour water in a bottle from a mineral spring and go to Tbilisi.

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