Gregory Terekhin
Feb 7
The weekend at Oslo — the Norwegian capital, located on the banks of beautiful fjord. The port, the residence of the King and government — official yet homelike!
The Oslo Cathedral 

The Cathedral was built in the 17th century and currently is the biggest church in Norway and the parish church of Oslo diocese. It is also used by the Royal Family and the Government for official events. The Cathedral is located in the City Center at the main Oslo’s Karl Johan’s Gate. You can visit it as tourist at the opening times or attend the Holy mess (also held here). Behing the Church the ’Bazaar halls’ are located, that were built during the period 1841-1858 and initially were used as the butchers’ shops. Nowadays, the handicrafts and antique shops as well as small cafes and restaurants are situated there.

The Norwegian Parliament - the Storting

The Storting is located 10 minutes walk from the Oslo’s Cathedral and is the place where legislative power of Norway is executed (169 deputies from the different political parties). The building doesn’t not look tremendous or luxurious yet all the important laws and the state budget are adopted here. The modern parliament derives from the medieval ’tings’, the people’s gatherings where the kings were elected and important decisions made. The modern Storting started its existence in 1814, after the first Norwegian constitution was adopted.

The Royal Palace of Norway

Do you want to see how the King and his family live? Then from the Storting’s building go straight ahead along the Karl Johans’ Gate till the very end of street. Have you expected to see some oriental luxury?:) Forget it, you are in Norway, the country that is rich yet modest. Moreover, all the Royal expenses are approved by the Parliament. Built in the first half on 19th century for the King Charles the Third of Norway and Sweden, now the Palace is the living place of the ruling King Harald the Fifth and his family. The big square on which the official events are held lays just in front of the Palace. It is also encircled by the beautiful park.

Oslo Havn (the Oslo port)

The Oslo port is located on the banks of city fjord. It is one of the biggest ports (7 million passengers per year) in the Northern Europe which has the passengers’ and cargo connection with the other destinations: German cities, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Klaipeda etc. The different carriers operate its ships at the port. You can admire the huge cruise ferries moored at the docks, feed the seagulls and breathe the sea breeze. The numerous cafes with the fjord view can be found here as well.

The Edward Munch's Museum

It is the museum time:) The famous Norwegian artist Munch (1863-1944) belongs to the Expressionism’s school of the art. His works are captured by the motives of death, loneliness yet the thirst to life. Munch grew up in the pretty poor family and his mother and elder sisters died when the future artist was very young. It influenced his future life and art works greatly. In 1881 Edward started studying at the Royal Painting school. During his life Munch organized the personal exhibitions in Paris and Berlin, sometimes strongly criticized to the ’imperfectionizm’ and the ’immature treatment’ of colors. The most famous painting of the artist is the ’Scream’ created in the end of the 19th century. The original was sold to a private collection at the Sotheby’s in 2012 for 120 million USD — the incredible price for the object of art! The Oslo’s Munch museum consists of the paintings and sculptures from different periods of Edward’s life and located within the walking distance from the City center.

The Oslo Opera

The Opera house is located on the bank of city fjord, close to the central train station. Built in 2004-2007 by the Norwegian architectural bureau, it has the form of glacier. The building has the peculiar sloping roof which can be climbed by all the guests of House. Even the skate-boarders love riding from the top of the roof. The Italian marble was brought for construction works. A lot of glass is used at the project, which gives a lot of natural lighting inside the building. The Opera’s horseshoe form auditorium consists of 1700 seats and possess the unique acoustic. The nice view over the fjord opens from the roof of the Opera house.

Radhuset - the Oslo city hall

The City Hall is located close to the water, in the center of Oslo. The monumental red-brick building was constructed in the 1930th and nowadays houses the City government and various official services. The Hall has the 2 towers, both 60+ meters high; the right one has the set of 49 bells! The Radhuset is used for the various solemn ceremonies, especially the awarding of the Nobel’s Peace Prize that takes place every December.

The Fjord's all-year sightseeing tour

The city fjord tour is organized all the year long and lasts 2 hours, 6 times per day. During the trip held on the comfortable boat with the bar on the lower deck and the seats on the open upper deck you will see Oslo from the water (including the Opera house) and the entire Old Town. You will reach the famous Akershus (the 17th century built castle) in the suburbs of the City and see the summer vacation houses of the Norwegian people on the banks of fjord. The tickets to the boat tour can be purchased at the City information office near the central station or at the ticket offices located next to peer.

The People's Theater of Oslo

At the last night of your Oslo weekend it is worth visiting the musical at the Folketeateret that specializes in the music performances. Currently the well-known ’Les Miserables’ are shown there almost every night. In autumn 2018 the theatre plans to issue the premiere ’The Phantom of Opera’. The stage was built in 1920th and houses 1400 spectators. The interesting fact that initially it was opened as the theater for the working class and inspired by the Deutsche Volksbuehne in Berlin (the People’s stage). Now Folketeateret invites everybody to enjoy its historical atmosphere and high-class performances. The tickets can be purchased online at the official website, the prices start from 350 NOK (35 Euro).