Sydney is the greatest city in the world

Anastasia Travelsia
Feb 7
According to the Telegraph Travel readers Sydney the fifth best city on the planet (behind Cape Town, Vancouver, Tokyo and Venice). Let's try to investigate why is that?
It has the world’s most famous Opera House

I would wager that majority people can recognize Sydney’s opera house.

With a wide range of performances on offer, from children's concerts to international comedians, contemporary dance and ballet, you will choose something interesting for yourself of course. Even if you are not going to participate in any events than just take a one-hour long excursion through the building. The cathedral-like interior is just as fantastic as the outside design of that building.

Sydney Aquarium

It is one of the world's largest aquariums. The aquarium displays more than 700 species comprising more than 13,000 individual fish and other water creatures of Australia. Along the way, visitors encounter animals unique to each habitat, including two DUGONGS on, different species of sharks, stingrays, penguins, tropical fish and others.

Be ready spent here no less than 4 hours.

Darling Harbour for everything

Darling Harbour is extensive area almost completely dedicated to entertainment and tourism. Its precinct is home to a number of major public facilities and attractions, including Harbourside Shopping Centre, Chinese Garden of Friendship, Sydney Aquarium, IMAX, Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre, Australian National Maritime Museum and others. On weeknights, it has a particular vibe, with popular restaurants by the water, and people just out strolling around. On Friday and Saturday nights, the place is populated by club goers and can be quite crowded. Here always some events waiting for you.

You can climb its famous landmark

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Sydney’s most iconic images. The bridge is nicknamed "The Coathanger" because of its arch-based design. It is the sixth longest spanning-arch bridge in the world and the tallest steel arch bridge, measuring 440 ft from top to water level and 160 ft wide.

Since 1998, BridgeClimb has made to legally climb possible for tourists. Tours run throughout the day, from dawn to night, and are only canceled for electrical storms or high wind.

Sydney Tower Eye is heaven for foodies

The Sydney Tower is a member of the World Federation of Great Towers and tallest structure and the second tallest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere. The height of Sydney Tower from the bottom to the very tip of the spire is 309 meters. The turret has a capacity of 960 persons and contains two levels of restaurants, a coffee lounge and an Observation Deck. 360 Bar and Dining, which I very recommended for visit offers revolving views of the Sydney skyline, is located on level one of the Sydney Tower. Sydney Tower Buffet, a contemporary self-select restaurant, is located on the tower's second level. STUDIO (private event space), located on level three, and can cater for cocktail functions for 200 people. The observation deck, currently called the Sydney Tower Eye, is located on level four of Sydney Tower.

Royal Botanic Garden

That a major botanical garden located in the heart of Sydney and looks like an oasis. Citizens and tourists like to have a relax and catch up with their families and friends here. If you want to escape the city landscape come here and take a yoga class for example. There's something for everyone in the Garden (check here the current events).

St Mary's Cathedral

Sydney has traditionally been quite a Catholic city, and this is the hub of the faith. In a vibrant city with a constantly changing skyline, St Mary’s provides a sense of stability and a sanctuary for its citizens. It is one of Sydney’s most treasured historic buildings, a fine example of an English-style gothic church and a dramatic Sydney landmark.

St Mary's has the greatest length of any church in Australia (although it is neither the tallest nor largest overall).

Chinese Garden

Much more than just a city garden, the walled Chinese Garden respectfully recreates the philosophy and harmony of a traditional Chinese garden in its waterfalls, lakes, exotic plants, pavilions and hidden pathways. The garden has a number of features including the Dragon Wall, symbolizing the bond between New South Wales and Guangdong. The blue dragon in the water represents the state of New South Wales and the golden dragon in the skies represents the Guangdong Province.

Blue Mountains National Park

It is a protected national park that is located in the Blue Mountains region of New South Wales (situated approximately 50 miles west of Sydney). Home of the famous Three Sisters, take a day trip from Sydney to the Blue Mountains area and You'll discover the Aboriginal culture, walking tracks, camping, canyoning, climbing and mountain biking activities and other.

China Town

It is located in Haymarket, between Central Station and Darling Harbour. Sydney's Chinatown is a colorful mixture of Asian culture, shopping and cuisine. The area's distinctly oriental architecture, street lanterns and archways confirm it as a showpiece for Australian Chinese culture. The eateries in Chinatown serve up authentic Asian dishes throughout the day until 4 am in some cases.

Chinatown also hosts a number of performances throughout the year in line with the Chinese calendar celebrations. Sydney's Chinese New Year Festival is held in Chinatown over 3 weeks in February and is one of the largest and most spectacular Lunar New Year celebrations outside Asia.

Sydney Harbour National Park

Sydney Harbour National Park protects a number of islands and foreshore areas around one of the world's most famous harbors. The park is home to superb swimming spots, bushwalking tracks and picnic areas, which offer a huge range of activities that will have you coming back again.