Gregory Terekhin
Mar 12
The memorable weekend at the city of contrasts, the capital of amazing Thailand, town on the banks of the tropical Chao-Praya river. You will feel its spirit of freedom from the first minute!

Patpong - the Bangkok's Red Light District 

Do you want to try something spicy and piquant?:) In the non-literal meaning. Then go to the Night Market Patpong located in the heart of Bangkok, next to Silom Road. It is also known as the Asian Red Lights district due to the numerous a-go-go bars, where you can drink and flirt with Thai ladies and, sometimes, not actually ladies:) It is worth going there in evening and night time, when all the bars, shops and massage salons are opened. By the way, the traditional thai massage (with the element of manual therapy) is the must-try, especially if you have the problems with your back. Be careful, beware of pick-pockets and do not take a lot of money with you to Patpong!

The Royal 'Villa' Chitralada

Have you dreamed of visiting the real Royal Palace, where the King of Thailand and his family lives? Not the touristic and crowded Grand Palace (museum now) but the more homely and cosy Chitralada? Located in the Dusit district and being the part of the Dusit Palace, close to the city center, it is also known as 'Royal villa'. Chitralada was built in the beginning of 20th century by the King Rama the 6th for his family. The school for the children from the upper high classes of society was opened here in 1958. If you want to enter the opened premises of the Palace you need to get the pass at the ticket office. By the way, very close to the Palace there is the Dusit Zoo with the wide variety of species all over the world, including the exotic and endangered ones. 

The biggest City park and entertainment area

It is the time to relax and breathe some fresh air at the centrally located Lumpini park, built in 1920th at the area of 57 hectares. The land here belongs to the King, and the statue of the deceased King Rama the Sixth is situated next to the central entrance. Being the suburb when opened in the last century, nowadays Lumpini is encircled by the posh apartment buildings, high-class hotels and sky-scrapers. The beautiful lake where you can ride a catamaran is just in the center of park. There is also the natural habitat where turtles and otters live. The Lumpini is used for sports (jogging, yoga) and for walks with kids. The old Chinese pavilions are located in the park as well, so you feel yourself in the mixture of cultures and epochs. 

The biggest shopping mall in Asia - Siam Paragon

Hungry after the long walk at Lumpini Park or just anticipating some shopping? Then go to Siam Paragon, the biggest mall in Asia that has the 15-halls modern cinema!!! Several floors of shopping, entertainment, restaurants and expensive cars - it is must visit for all the tourists:) Located in the Pathun Wam district in the bustling Bangkok downtown, it is easily accessible either by public transport (try the comfortable sky train) or taxi. The cab stand is just next to main entrance. By the way, all official taxis in Bangkok are equipped with the meters and you will know the exact ride price before you pay. The set of fountains can be found in the street just in front of Siam Paragon. But if you want to try something really local - take the tuk-tuk - the Asian open transport which is the three-wheeled motorcycle with the seats for passengers under the tent. The tuk-tuk's advantage is that it is not afraid of traffic jams (which are not rare in Bangkok):)

The big Oceanarium - Sea Life

If you are still in Siam Paragon take the opportunity to visit the South-Eastern Asia's biggest aquarium. Here you can find different sea species and dangerous creatures like sharks, octopus, stingrays etc. There are underwater passages where you can see all the inhabitants from the close range. Also the boat with glass bottom is available for aquarium tours (extra charge), among the coral reefs and even the ship wreck's place (happily, the artificial one:)). Take at least 1,5 - 2 hours to see and experience all the Sea Life adventures. The adult ticket (entrance only) costs 1000 Baht. The kids will be especially delighted by the visit to this nice place! 

The unforgettable boat trip on Chao-Phraya

Do you like the boat tours, especially along such the magnificent and exotic river like Chao Phraya? Then it is the must-do in Bangkok! Go to one of the downtown peers and board a boat. The ticket can be purchased directly at the peers. I recommend the 2-hour trip, during which you will see the beautiful buddhist 'Wat' (Cathedrals), the contemporary high-rise buildings and be able to enjoy the water plants of the wide river. You will pass through the entire downtown of Bangkok, will see the famous Rama the 8th Bridge opened in 2002, that is 300 meters long and has the single pylon with the peculiar inverted letter Y shape as well at the stunning tower of the luxurious Millennium hotel! In other words, the boat is the ideal option to get to know the City from another perspective. 

The Reclining Buddha Sanctuary

I think that it is the well-known fact that Buddha is worshipped in Thailand. If you want to get familiar with the religion of Thai people just go to the Wat Phra Chetuphon, close to the Grand Palace in the center of Bangkok. It was built in the twelfth century as monastery and in 1782 when the General Chakri proclaimed himself as the new King (became Rama the First) the Wat was transformed to the Sanctuary of Buddha. It is mostly famous for the Reclining Buddha Statue (Waiting for Nirvana), the length 46 meters (!) and the height 15 meters. The Sanctuary's walls are covered by frescoes depicting the live's landmarks of the seven Buddha's disciples. The Chinese statues standing by the walls act as the spiritual guardians. 

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