Lavasa — A planned hill station

Pooja Walke
Feb 5
Lavasa — the planned city on the hills is a beautiful gateway for one or two days vacation. Spend time with nature, play games, watch live shows, eat scrumptious food and lots more...
Stay at Pune 
As there are limited transport facilities to go to Lavasa hence we did stay in Pune city in order to leave early morning for Lavasa.

We landed in Pune city at around 6 PM in the evening and stayed at friend's place. Pune is also one the large city of the state Maharashtra in India and blessed with heritage including beautiful culture and great leaders. This city is a must to discover but we wanted to experience monsoon at Lavasa so we had our dinner early at slept early to discover Lavasa next morning. 

Attractions of Lavasa:

  • Hills, Greenery, Rain - Full of nature
  • Waterfalls
  • Dams
  • Indian, Chinese and Italian food options
  • Indoor games
  • Watersports
  • Adventure sports
  • Live shows

Journey to Lavasa started
The distance is 60 Km, 2 to 2.5 hour journey.

Next morning we had a quick breakfast and started our journey at 9.30 AM hiring a private cab which takes around INR 2000 to INR 3000 Rs as per the distance, type of car and number of people. The reason to visit Lavasa city in Monsoon is the climate. A cloudy climate with cold breeze and showers of rain makes your day!

The route from Pune to Lavasa is magnificent. Trees, farms full of greenery around and if you are lucky you would see waterfalls here and there by side of the road.

Varasgaon Dam
We stopped by to enjoy view and had snacks.

The route has awesome scenic beauty and was the most enjoyable part of the trip. Varasgaon Dam is on the way to Lavasa where you must take a break and step out of the car to look at an incredible view.

During the Monsoon an atmosphere here is fantastic. The view was reminding me the river showed in Harry Potter films at Hogwarts. There are a good amount of activities like boating, zip line, etc., which can keep you engaged for almost two hours. But we skipped the activities, took some amazing photographs.

One should not miss eating Bhutta (Roasted corn with lime, salt, red chili powder) and Vada Pav (Indian vegetarian burger) in the journey. After few minutes we reached the entrance of Lavasa city where again at Lavasa bridge we stopped to enjoy the view.

Arrived at Lavasa
There are lots of activities waiting at Lavasa to fall in love with...!

As soon as we reached Lavasa, the yellow, pink, orange colored buildings attracted us, since this is planned city the color combination and structure of the buildings are same which you do not find in India. We had booked Hotel Ekaant, where we kept our stuff and went for lunch.

We were very hungry hence we decided to have lunch at Orient 8. Had some Chinese food ensuring that we should not eat too much as there we were going to have a full day ahead with a lot of activities. I must say that the food was very delicious. After having lunch we decided to roam around the city to explore more about it.

There are lots of restaurants available such as The All American Diner, Zodiac restaurant (4-star), 24 hrs. Coffee shop, Granma’s Homemade Patisserie, Tabakh (Lebanese), Oriental Octopus (South East Asian), Past Times English pub, Chor Bizarre (North Indian cuisine), Brewberry’s — Coffee bar and fast food outlet, Sub-way, Pizzawala, Natural Ice cream etc. We had our Lunch at Potato twist, Sub-Way & then pastries at Granma’s Homemade Patisserie.

For shopping, there are stores of accessories and gifts but I would not suggest you shop at these stores as they are too costly. Instead, you can spend on interesting games.

There are some watersports activities in Dasave dam from morning till 5 pm (Depending upon weather condition in monsoon) which includes Jet Ski scooters, paddle boats, Kayak, inflatables, Bumper boats (dashing boats in a limited area), cruise etc. We thought that we should go for it but we were unlucky as it was raining out there. So, we decided to have fun at the Games Arcade playing billiards and other interesting games.

The Rain Dance
16.00 to 18.00 dance with nature - dance in the rain!

Well, this was a bonus! An extraordinary environment, local music, beats inviting you to dance! You could not ask for better way to end your day!

An experience worth visit
Hotel Ekaant is a very peaceful place to enjoy your time.

We were very tired after a hectic day so we took rest for an hour. We had a dinner at Restaurant Vyanjan. The authentic Indian food was awesome. Thankfully rain was stopped. 10-15 min post dinner we went for a walk near Hotel Ekaant. The view from the hotel is amazingly beautiful. I wish us could stay longer to look at this view in the daytime but next day we had to check out. Overall a brilliant experience.

Get more information on the official website of the city. Click here.