Rajabhatkhawa- A unison of Himalayan and Terai culture.

Babit Gurung
Feb 6
A unique and exclusive journey for writers, poets, artists and all other creative souls. This journey is just enough to inspire you for your next masterpiece.
Arrive Rajabhatkhawa

A train is a better option to arrive this place from the nearest airport - IXB (Bagdogra). The journey through the rails crawling like a viper through the rustling bushes of Tea Gardens and Dense forests is something you would never like to miss. A beautiful homestay awaits just the railway station at Rajabhat Khawa. It's a destination that is surrounded by diverse tribes of North Bengal - Both Hilly and plains. The tribes, mostly Mongoloids, strangely differ in their complexion from dark to fair. So you will hear their stories, in the same manner, all in diverse colors. 

Exploring the history along with nature and Pilgrimage.

This full day, enjoy the beauty surrounding RajabhatKhawa. A trek to Jayanti Mahakal Temple and a curious visit to the nature interpretation center will certainly make your day. The Mahakal, a name given to the lord of Death - Lord Shiva is a trek that follows Jayanti River. The Nature interpretation center describes the history of Rajabhatkhawa. The best part of this day will be your Bhutan tour. Just 50 kms away from this place you can also gain a little experience of Bhutan at Phuentsholing. Phuentsholing is a border town of Bhutan touch Jaigaon which is again the Indian Town bordering Bhutan. The simple brick walls diving the nations will seem like childish games to you. standing in between India and Bhutan looking the other side of the wall you can axiomatically feel the difference of two countries - India and the country of Happiness - Bhutan.

Get into the colorful culture of Rajabhatkhawa

If there is anything unique about this place that you may not get in any other part of India is its dramatic diversity of culture. Not miles, but just after every colony of the village you will enter into a totally different world of tradition, language, food habits, faces, and culture. If one colony is inhabited by Rabha tribe, then you will see Rabha houses designs, their food, and their language. Just walk further and you will again enter into a different world of Koch and rajvanshis who again have different dressing styles, language, and culture. The tribes of Rajabhat Khawa are skilled artisans, their art can be seen in many forms of bamboo crafts, Bamboo furniture and carpets etc. If the men are skilled hunters and artisans then women are highly skilled weavers. Their handmade textiles have now become the inspiration for many fashion designers to make a fusion of their intricate designs into a modern world of contemporary fashion industry. 

Enjoy the evening with Tribal Music.

The tribes of Rajabhatkhawa are not only hunters and artisans but also good musicians and dancers. They have their own folk songs and dances, so evening you can join their moments of happiness and be amazed in their own happy world.

Leaving with happy memories:

After breakfast you can either catch a local train back to Siliguri, to reach IXB (Bagdogra airport), or you can directly reach NJP, (New Jalpaiguri Railway Station).