San Francisco

Iuliia Belskaia
Feb 14
If you are going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

San Francisco has something to offer for everyone, children, teens or adults, whether you are a beer lover, a chocolate lover, and artist or a business man for sure this place is going to feel like home.

Located in Northern California it is the fourth most popular city in this state, San Francisco’s weather is more than perfect reaching to 80F in summer while dropping to 51F in winter, mostly January. The city is mostly known by the famous Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz Island, but I assure you that’s not the only thing you’re going to love about it, you will enjoy the foggy mornings, the amazing views while hiking and the warmth of its people. Let’s discover San Francisco.

Where To Go And How To Go

San Francisco is full of places and activities that you are going to enjoy and there are many ways to get to them, if you arrived to city by car I highly recommend parking it downtown and walk everywhere from there, as most of the houses don’t have a garage and the streets are not too big it is way harder to find parking space everywhere you want to go than simply walking, but you can totally use your car to move from downtown to the pier or to the bridge.

Walking for me is the easiest way to enjoy the city, most places are relatively close plus you get to see the bay at its max; another common method is the trolley, you can take it downtown or at any of their stations and you can travel around San Francisco enjoying the view with a touch of fresh air.

As for places of course the main stop is the Golden Gate Bridge

Connecting the Northern San Francisco Peninsula and the Marin County this 1.7 mile long beauty is something you can’t miss, there is a variety of spots where you can see the bridge and of course you can go across, my favorite place to watch it is just by the southeast parking lot, there you can freely watch the bridge sitting at the edge of the rocks by the sea, another common spot is by the main walkway by the eastern side, if you go for this option and decide to walk make sure to check it is open for pedestrians because on weekend evenings and nights it is only reserved for bicyclist. While you are in the area make sure to visit Alcatraz Island, this famous jail has a lot of history and it’s a most, if you’re traveling to San Francisco in high season make sure to get your tickets with plenty of time as they tend to be sold out.

Lombard Street

Lombard street is definitely one of the most famous streets in the world, whether you go down by car or by foot I promise it’s going to be an experience, the street itself it’s amazing, the most crooked street on the city surrounded by flowers and not only that, it has an amazing view of the city.

Pier 39

Whether you love to shop, eat or watch to sea lions or boats you are going to love this place and the surrounding areas, on the edge of the bay Pier 39 is with no doubt the most famous pier to spend the afternoon, full with shops, restaurants and even an aquarium you will definitely have fun in here no matter if you go alone, with your partner or family is a great place to spend your day, plus you can go across the street and visit all the souvenir stores around and get yourself and your love ones a nice memory of your visit to San Francisco.

There are also some amazing art galleries you can visit such as the Academy of Art’s gallery, museums as the famous Madame Tussauds wax museum and tons of souvenir stores where you can get your favorite selections of shirts, hoodies or keychains to remember your trip for ever.

If sports is your thing specially baseball you should definitely pay The San Francisco Giants’ stadium a visit.

Twin Peaks

And one of the most beautiful observation deck and must see places for travellers is Twin Peaks. You've got a great view to all city of San Francisco.