Victoria Falls: flying over one of the biggest waterfall

Anastasia Travelsia
Apr 7
What do you know about Zimbabwe? Wild animals, beautiful nature and extreme adventures! Let's try to be close to this unique place in the World.

Why there?

Have you ever worked as a volunteer? I choose this programme to Victoria Falls because this place is a home to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Victoria Falls. The town is also known as Africa's "Adventure Capital" and is home to amazing wildlife, unspoiled National Parks, spectacular scenery and awesome adrenalin activities!

Was a wildlife conservation volunteer on this unique rhino and elephant conservation project was for me something special as for biologist. I worked to secure the future of the black rhino in Zimbabwe and help in the day to day running of a privately owned conservancy for 2 weeks and I have now a great experience in my life!

Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls, located on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, plays host to both the majestic Falls themselves, after which the town is named, and a wealth of other sites and sounds. During the summer months, the spray from the Falls is visible for miles around and the water can be heard and felt throughout the town. Entrance fee for the Falls about 30 USD per person.

The people of Victoria Falls, like those throughout Zimbabwe, are incredibly friendly and welcoming and love to invite you to share the beauty of their home. Victoria Falls is a safe town, whether you choose to experience the beauty and wilderness of the National Parks or the excitement of the adrenalin activities.

Don't miss a great experience in your life - a helicopter flight over the magnificent Victoria Falls!  The sight of the thundering waterfall from the sky will leave you awestruck. Soar above the towering wall of mist created by the Victoria Falls, and be mesmerized as you witness the largest sheet of falling water in the World.

And don't forget to take advantage of the numerous photographic opportunities you will get as you experience this helicopter flight over the Victoria Falls. For 15 minutes, you need a pay 150 USD.

Stanley and Livingstone private resort game

If you don't like being a volunteer, I can recommend to you that very cool hotel. Friendly staff, spacious rooms and informative guides are just part of what makes a stay at the Stanley and Livingstone Private Game Reserve in Victoria Falls a memorable experience.

Whether it’s lounging by one of the resort’s pools or wandering the grounds on a guided walking safari, there’s plenty to do and see at this popular stop that’s stationed right inside a wildlife sanctuary.

You can enjoy breakfast overlooking the park’s landscape, where zebra and elephants graze on vast open plains or embark on a game drive in hopes of spotting Africa’s Big 5 aboard one of the open-top safari vehicles

Wild safari during the day and night

Enjoy an animal-packed viewing adventure without ringing phones, internet access or cable TV. Simply enjoy the night sounds, open fire cooked meals, served under the stars in a private bush campsite.

And even more adventures

Experience Africa's biggest adrenaline rush with this bungee jumping, bridge swing or biplane adventure at the Victoria Falls Bridge. Take a dive into open air surrounded by epic landscapes, rushing waterfalls and the roaring Zambezi River. It's the thrill of a lifetime and it only takes place here!

Cost about 50 USD.

Zambezi Canoe Safari

Canoe safaris bring you one step closer the singing waters of the Zambezi, as you rely on the ache in your own arms to drive your exploration of the converging channels. Birds and animals spill from the National Park onto the banks of the Zambezi, and for the duration of the canoeing safari, you share a lifeline with them. The smooth and solid bottom of the canoe sits between you and the tigerfish, bream, crocodile, and hippo, as you are swept by the stream through a natural paradise. Zambezi canoeing is a fun-filled activity for the whole family! Price is 100 -150 USD.

Crocodile Cage Diving

Whilst in the cage you can observe these fascinating carnivores pushing powerfully through the water from all angles. The secure cage gives visitors the opportunity to view these Zambezi predators in action underwater, where their fierce power is visible; something you may not see on land. You can watch, touch and experience crocodiles in their own environment. Get a unique underwater look at their short legs, thick tails, scaly scutes along the back and impressive jaws.

Sunset Zambezi River Cruise

Experience the stunning beauty of the African sunset on this 2-hour evening Zambezi River cruise. Enjoy a champagne toast with fellow passengers as you gaze out over the placid waters in search of hippos, crocodiles and elephants. Unlimited drinks and snacks are a part of this relaxing evening that showcases the best of the famous Zimbabwe waterway.

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