Pooja Walke
Apr 10
Kodaikanal is called as "Princess of Hill stations." It is a beautiful hill station in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu to spend a relaxed time with nature.
Stay at TTDC

Tamilnadu tourism provides an excellent accommodation to stay at Kodaikanal. You can select whether you want to stay at Hotel or Cottage but I would suggest to go for Cottage, it gives a heritage experience. Do not miss the South Indian breakfast in the morning. It is delicious. To book the hotels click here

Upper Lake View Point

The Upper Lake View is a definite stop for the travelers and visitors to the verdure Kodaikanal. It is a dazzling, a breath-taking view of the Kodaikanal Lake.

Small eateries and shops in the surrounding area greet travelers passing through. While these facilities allow you to take a few moments to rest and avail of the small craft items and handiworks being sold, the amenities are limited.

One would recommend that a tourist visit for a few lazy moments, breathe in the fresh, clean air, take in the peace and serenity of the moment, and definitely photograph the untouched beauty of the surrounding.

Pine Forest

The Pine forest of Kodaikanal reminds us of the numerous movie songs that were shot here. Though I must confess that the cinematic camera work has captured the forest better than it actually is. 

Its one of the main attraction of Kodaikanal. It's a forest where you can enjoy your trip, see nature, take photos with Pine trees and blue sky. It could be covered in 15-20 minutes but we spent almost 2 hrs time to this place while having lunch in streetside food stall. There is a facility for a bus to enjoy the forest. A private vehicle also allowed. 

Coaker's Walk

This is a very famous and must visit place in Kodaikanal. The walk is very soothing and pleasant. On one side, you see this roadside shops and on another side, you see the complete sky. The fog makes the view even more beautiful.

This place has two entry points one next to Greenland Youth hostel and another opposite to the Bryant Park entry. It has an entry fee. It is a nice walk for about a km which offers breathtaking, panoramic view of Kodaikanal. On a clear sunny day that would be a view not to miss. Best hour to go would be during the 1st half when the sky is clear and the best time to enjoy during not so peak holiday season since this place can become crowded. On a breezy day it can become uncomfortable so for kids and adults alike it is advisable to carry some warm clothing just in case.

Kodaikanal Lake

The star-shaped lake of Kodaikanal is a manmade one that was created in 1863 by one Sir Vere Henry Levinge. The lake has, since then, been the most popular geographic landmark of Kodaikanal lake is very beautiful with lotus flowers growing on the edges. We also saw a family of ducks crossing the lake. Here you get two options for boating. The Row Boat and the Paddleboat. 

I suggest you take the rowboat if you value your legs. The paddle boat looks good but all that paddling will make your legs hurt. The rowboat cost around Rs 200 - 300 for 20 min, Rest enjoy the beauty of nature. A lot of activities around. Boating, cycling, horse riding and much more. 

Chettiar Park

Nicely maintained and a park where you will enjoy to visit as Well designed, beautiful flowers and lawns are the major attractions. You have to step down and various varieties of flowers and unique pattern of Gardening is visible. 

It's a good park in Kodaikanal well maintained and has a decent variety of flowers, walkway and you can spend about an hour there and enjoy the beauty of a hill station.