Sochi and amazing Bike Hotel near Rostov

Anastasia Travelsia
Apr 12
Sochi, sometimes called the “Russian Riviera”, is most known as the 2014 Olympic Winter Games’ host. And on your way meet a very unusual hotel.
Go by car

So if you want to know Russia better there is one way which is perfect for it. Travel by car! You will see not only famous places but also very usual and sometimes unexpected things!

Like this Bike hotel, which located on halfway from Moscow to Sochi (932 km of the highway of M-4 "Don"). Bike-Hotel is perhaps, the brightest representative of a category of the stylized thematic hotels in Russia differing in an unusual interior as each detail of registration causes associations about a bike culture.

Only in that hotel, you can see the real motorcycles from classics to the two-wheeled subjugators of highways executed manually. In numbers executed in the set subject, backs of beds in the rooms are in the form of motorcycles, freakish tables are made of wheels with a glass table-top, unusual chairs with the motorcycle wheels which replaced legs. There are a lot of pictures and photos on the walls with the image of motorcycles hangs. In the hall it is possible to see interesting "gas station": "tea, coffee, beer, vodka", and the entrance before the hotel protects "bike-skeleton". If you visit "Bike-Hotel", you will understand that this is that place which you will never forget, traveling on highways of Russia.

Where to stay in Sochi

If you traveling with your family or kids you can choose AquaLoo hotel. It is not just a hotel...  It is a modern year-round complex. The infrastructure of the complex offers a variety of activities: beach, family, business, health and healing.

AquaLoo is located near the settlement of Loo, in the beautiful forested area near the sea. This location offers magnificent panoramic views of sea and mountains, clean air and a quiet location with convenient transport (30 minutes drive to the center of Sochi).

For the kids, the hotel presence the largest year-round aqua park. There are ten indoor and outdoor slides and nine pools, both for adults and children.

AquaLoo has a medical center equipped with the modern diagnostic and treatment equipment. Experienced specialists of the center will help you to solve many health problems.

And at 150 meters from the apartment complex "AquaLoo", there is "White Beach" (250 meters) - one of the most environment-friendly holiday destinations on the Black Sea coast.

Krasnaya Polyana

The resort hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. And its just 1-hour drive from hotel AquaLoo.

For a long time Krasnaya Polyana has been but a mountain village, with a chair lift located in its environs. You could use it to ascend to a viewing platform at the height of 2238 m and admire magnificent views of the Great Caucasus Range.

However, because of the Winter Olympic Games, everything has been drastically altered there. There appeared four skiing centers in the area of Krasnaya Polyana: Gazprom, Karusel, Polyana Grand Hotel and, finally, the most advanced and the largest skiing complex, Rosa Khutor.

Take just a walk through a modern city which just appeared before Olympics Games and now looks like one of the European city. There are a few hotels, shops and restaurants.

Sochi Arboretum

Don't forget to visit the largest subtropical park in Russia founded in 1892, with the most comprehensive collection of subtropical flora in Russia, including 76 species of pine, 80 species of oak, and 24 species of palm.

Originally established as a private garden on the country's picturesque Black Sea coast, this 12-hectare park now protects almost 2,000 species of trees and bushes, brought from virtually every corner of the world.

Be sure to take the cable car to the top of the garden's hill, offering panoramic views of the sea and the Caucasus Mountains. A ticket costs about 200 RUB.

Observation Tower on Akhun Mountain

The most popular excursion in Sochi it is visit the Tomer on Akhun Mountain. The Tower was built in 1936. It can be seen from any location in Sochi. The tower, made of white limestone, resembles lookout towers, which were built in the North Caucasus in the Middle Ages. The ticket to climb inside the Tower cost about 120 RUB.

The view from the observation deck, which is almost 700m above the sea level, is the best in the city, making the tower the biggest attraction both for tourists and for the locals. Guides tell visitors that the Turkish shore can be seen from the tower in clear weather.

The locals love so much this main attraction that they even introduced a marriage tradition: a newly registered husband is to carry his beloved in the arms to the tower top, which can be compared walking to the roof of a 10-storey building.