Ellora Caves and Deogiri Daulatabad Fort

Pooja Walke
Apr 12
Daulatabad - Deogiri fort and Ellora caves is a tourist attraction for years. Both the places are unique and represent important events of Indian architecture.

Daulatabad Deogiri Fort

This must have been a massive fort when it was built. Enough ruins remain to make the site really interesting and dramatic. The defense system is ingenious, with false gates, passages with dead ends and labyrinth style tunnels. The spike studded gates are awesome and there's a spooky cave room full of bats. The Fort has a history of being the most difficult one to be captured. I would suggest taking a guided tour of this fort to experience its strength and robustness. It could be little costly but you should take the guide.

The path leading to the Durga Canon is not easy. It takes time, patience and could be covered in two hours. One needs a hat,(available at the car parking) and two liters of potable water and determination to reach the top. Avoid taking wafers or fruits as Monkeys are always watching you. Enjoyed the courtyard, proceeded to the Chand Minar, the Kalakot, Ram head Canon. Then came the Andheri or Dark Passage. This has been reworked to help visitors. But this place without light would be a nightmare. Electric lights and visitors to the fort now make it a friendly place. After the Nizamsahi and Moat, the next attraction is the Baradari. Once you cross this place you will be tempted to go to the top where the Durga Canon is kept. People with vertigo problem may need some help while coming down.

Ellora Caves

The Ellora Caves feature man-made caves and carvings from worshippers of three different religions: Jainism, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Personally, we like the Ajanta caves better. But, the monolithic Hindu temple to Shiva is a must-see at Ellora. Seeing how the temple was carved from the top down over centuries is fascinating. It can get quite crowded in areas, but we still highly recommend a visit there. It's a wonderful place, takes you back thousand years back stone carvings and artistic sculptures. One has to walk a good distance to cover all the caves (34 caves in all). Up and down could be around 3 Kilometres. Don't forget your camera and walking shoes. A bottle of water and a cap is a must at any time of the year.

A good part of these caves is you can take your car’s very near to gates(on permissible limits) secondly you get the guidebook or guide to understand the importance & architecture of caves. I like to suggest you hire a guide it will help you to explore the cave in a better manner and you will save time & energy else you might miss some important cave. Otherwise, it’s very difficult to see the entire cave’s in one day. Hope my suggestion will help you in getting best.


It was very hectic but still enjoyable journey. You should start your journey early in the morning to cover both the places. If you are really interested to study the caves in detail you would require two days just for the Ellora caves. One should definitely visit once in a lifetime.

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