Tel Aviv Fun City Break 

Tal Bright
May 4
Tel Aviv is a vibrant city with lots to see and do. This trip includes all the highlights and combines culture, food, history, art and fun activities.
Tel Aviv Museum of Art
Israeli and international artists

The wonderful collections and exhibitions at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art include  works of art from the 16th century to contemporary art. 

View the works of Israeli artists, as well as well-known international artists, like  Monet, Degas and Picasso. 

The museum covers different art forms, from paintings and photography, sculptures and installations. 

Azrieli Observatory
Scenic lookout

Climb to the top of the Azrieli shopping center to experience the tallest observatory in the area.

Go there on a clear day and go up to the 49th floor to see Tel Aviv from above. There's a fee to get in, or you can book a table at the restaurant.  

Sarona Market
Stop for lunch at this lovely covered food market

This popular food market has a large selection of eateries, from food stalls to restaurants. This is a good place to stop for lunch.

After lunch, take a walk around and view the restored 1930's buildings and some unique stores.

Tayelet (Promenade) & The Beach
Walk or cycle along the beach

Tel Aviv is famous for its Mediterranean beaches.

Walking along the promenade the Promenade (in Hebrew: Tayelet) is a great experience. The beach is vibrant and active and at the same time relaxing. You can stop at take in the view at the elevated viewing points. 

If you like cycling, rent a city bike and ride along the seashore, one of the best cycling lanes in Tel Aviv. You can also take a Segway tour for a more unique experience. 

 There are plenty of restaurants and cafes along the promenade if you need to stop for a drink or a bite to eat.

Tel Aviv Port
Hang out at Tel Aviv's revived old port

The old port of Tel Aviv went through a major redesign and is now a leisure and shopping hub.

You can have your dinner at one of the many restaurants overlooking the sea and have a stroll by the water.

The Flea Market
Get a feel of old Jaffa

Jaffa is an ancient city, right next to modern Tel Aviv. The flea market is one of its institutions. Browse the stalls and stores for vintage items and unique souvenirs.

There are many cafes and restaurants around the market where you can stop for a drink.

The Old City of Jaffa
Stroll around the old streets of Jaffa

Old Jaffa has some enchanting little streets, alleyways and courtyards. You will find some lovely galleries and souvenir shops when you walk around.

Visit the Ilana Goor Museum in the old city, inside the house of multidisciplinary artist Goor. See her works and her diverse art collection.

Visit the Old Jaffa Visitors Center for a multumdia display to learn about the history of Jaffa.

The Port of Jaffa
A lovely and chilled spot by the water

This old port is a charming place to visit. Relax by the water, have lunch at one of the many restaurants at the port and browse some of the galleries nearby. 

The Old Train Station
Visit a renovated station turned into a leisure hub

This historical train station, where the first railway line between Little Asia and Egypt used to run, was renovated and re-invented as a shopping center and entertainment hub.

Browse the shops and try the experiential carriage to learn about the history of the place.

Neve Tzedek Neighborhood
One of Tel Aviv's most charming areas

Walk around the narrow streets of Neve Tzedek and enjoy the old renovated houses of Tel Aviv's first Jewish neighborhood.

These days it's a trendy place with designer boutiques, handicraft stores and stylish cafes and restaurants.

Visit the The Suzanne Dellal Center for contemporary dance shows and the small art and ceramics galleries around the neighborhood.

Rothschild Boulevard 
Visit Tel Aviv's most famous boulevard

This tree lined boulevard runs across the city and is a wonderful place to take a walk. It's lively and happening all day and night and has many cafes, bars and restaurants. You can have a drink or dinner while you're there. 

This is also the place to spot some great Bauhaus buildings, the 20th century architecture style that Tel Aviv is famous for.

Carmel Market
Tel Aviv's iconic food market

The Carmel Market is right in the center of Tel Aviv and is loved by both locals and visitors. This is the place to go to sample local and international foods and especially Middle Eastern sweets.

You can take a guided tour of the market and sample different foods with your guide.

Bialik House & Beit Ha'ir Museum 
Visit the house of Israel's most famous poet and Tel Aviv's old city hall

If you are interested in history, literature and poetry, visit Bialik House to learn about an important historical figure in Israel.

Bialik wore many hats. He is best known as a poet, but he was also a researched, speaker, translator and editor. The museum's collection displays his poems, articles and more, in the house he used to live in.

Close to Bialik House is Beit Ha'ir Museum, a charming renovated house where Tel Aviv's city hall used to be. Now it's a museum where you can learn about the history of Tel Aviv.

Museum of the Jewish People

Continue your history lesson at this famous museum telling the  4,000 year-old story of the Jewish people.

Tel Aviv's green lung

HaYarkon is the largest park in the city, with a river by the same name running through it. A great place to take a relaxing walk, have a picnic or cycle around the park.

Visit the rock park, cacti and succulent garden and the rose garden, the little lake and the bird sanctuary .  

Take a balloon ride over Tel Aviv

Get a panoramic view of the city from the air!