Lisa Rivera

I’ve yet to meet anyone who’s not wanted to visit Barbados, and who can blame them?

From the weather to the food, Barbados is just one of those destinations that seem to appear on everyone’s bucket list.

One of the main reasons why Barbados is so popular, is simply because it’s one of the best holiday destinations for families.

The beaches

Being the Caribbean, you can expect to be spoilt for choice when it comes to beaches. The south coast beach, Accra, is great for families, and children of all ages.


At the southern end of the beach is a pool-like area protected by rocks which is ideal for young children. For slightly older kids and teens, there’s the chance to do some boogie boarding on the gentle waves.

Every good family friendly beach naturally comes with those tasty extras. Accra Beach has small restaurant kiosks, serving local delights, as well as a Tiki Bar at the southern end of the beach.

The hotels

Barbados is known for its share of family-friendly hotels and resorts; the only thing you need to do is choose the right one for you.

Needless to say, the hotels and resorts nearer to the beach tend to be more popular. Look out for the places that have a kids’ club so you can enjoy some time off too.


The luxury resort, Sandy Lane, has a Treehouse Club that offers activities and entertainment to children aged 3 and older.

The activities

Atlantis submarines

Take a closer look at the marine life underwater — and all without getting wet — with a ride aboard the Atlantis Submarine.


A narrated voyage takes passengers to a depth of 150ft below sea level, where guests can marvel at the tropical fish, as well as the colourful coral.

Barbados Wildlife Reserve

Treat the family to a little wildlife with a trip to the Barbados Wildlife Reserve. Set in a natural mahogany wood, visitors can see all the animals in their natural habitats given there are few cages.

Learn more about local animals such as the Barbados Green Monkey, alongside the colourful parrots and flamingos and elegant peacocks.


The reserve’s also home to non-native animals like the Brocket Deer, agouti, caiman and the armadillo.

Swim with the turtles

Create some unforgettable memories with the whole family by taking a trip to swim with the turtles.


Guests are able to swim, feed, and play with the peaceful and gentle resident turtles on the south coast of Barbados. The trip’s ideal for the whole family, and children under 12 go free! Check the website for the most up-to-date information.