Lisa Rivera

Whether you’re a new couple or a few moons into your relationship, a romantic city break is always a good idea. If food is the language of your love, grab some inspiration from these foodie meccas for your next city break.

5 romantic city breaks for foodie couples

1. San Sebastián, Spain

In the north-east of the Iberian peninsula is the small Basque city of San Sebastián. Along with its remote beaches of Ondarreta and Zurriola, the city’s most famous for its excellent food culture.

San Sebastian

If romantic fine dining is what you’re looking for, San Sebastián has the highest concentration of Michelin star restaurants per square metre than anywhere else in the world. There’s an impressive 16 Michelin starred restaurants, including Arzak and Mugaritz, which also feature on the list of the world’s 50 best restaurants.

However, what’s most appealing is the quality of everyday food in the bars, and the reasonable prices. Whether you’re sampling a few ‘pintxos’ (tapas) or ordering fresh seafood, it’s highly unlikely you’ll leave San Sebastián hungry.

2. Fez, Morocco

While most people head to the touristy realms of Marrakech, the heart of the foodie and cultural capital is in Fez. The northeastern city in Morocco is home to the Fes El Bali walled medina, the largest in Africa.

There’s something romantic about getting lost in a maze of around 10,000 lanes! If you’re lucky, you may come across a candlelit riad courtyard, or an innovative new restaurant or cafe in a nameless side street. For the real foodie couple, you can’t visit Fez without trying the street food.


From traditional breads like beghrir to aubergine fritters and steamed sheep heads, you’ll return home knowing you had a unique dining experience!

3. Tel Aviv, Israel

With its laid-back feel, and south of France vibe, it’s little wonder why more people are heading to Tel Aviv. Along with the opportunity to go for endless romantic strolls on any of its excellent beaches, the food scene is not too shabby either.

Tel Aviv

Hummus is so good in Tel Aviv—try the oil-soaked variety at Ali Karavan, or Abu Hasan for the best hummus in old Jaffa.

Cafes in Tel Aviv are not only known for its tasty fare, but also for having some of the best places to do some people watching. Check out Bucke Cafe on Ahad Ha’am Street and Lahmanina cafe/bakery in the Bizaron neighbourhood.

4. Lyon, France

If you want to try the finest, and tastiest French food, forget Paris and go to Lyon.

It’s a city that’s been internationally recognised as one of the best food cities, and is simply utopia for many foodies.

Lyon bouchon

Family-run bistros, known as bouchons, are a much-loved characteristic of the food scene, given their distinctive homemade cuisine. As well as the bouchons, the city’s home to Les Halles de Lyon, an impressive indoor market with a mouthwatering variety of everything delicious.

From stinky soft cheeses to foie gras macarons and escargots, you won’t be leaving here empty-handed. What also makes Lyon a foodie hub is its location to neighbouring places like Savoy, Dombes and Beaujolais, so you know you’ll be eating locally and well.

5. Bologna, Italy

If I have to say one thing about eating in Bologna, it’s this: meat is everywhere. While there are meat-free options for vegetarians, the tastiest dishes are meat-filled and plentiful.

Alongside the classic, yet still tasty bolognese (tagliatelle al ragu), other must-trys include the tortellini served in a rich broth, and the unbelievably moreish mortadella ham. I’d also recommend trying the Spuma di mortadella spread on hot toast and the meat-rich second course of Bollito Misto.


For any couples concerned about the calorie consumption in Bolgona, fear not. The city’s perfect for plenty of walking hand-in-hand, while admiring the sights around the Piazza Maggiore.