Lisa Rivera

Get the clubs ready and call the caddy, because we’re taking you on a golfing trip around Morocco.

A gateway into Africa, Morocco has long been a holiday favourite as it suits every group of traveller. A country with a rich landscape, full of flora and fauna, and a climate that can turn even the sourest of frowns upside down, Morocco has something for everyone.

For sporting fans, golf in particular, aficionados are spoiled for choice. With golf courses to suit every level up and down the country, we’ve some of the best holiday ideas for golfing in Morocco.

Travelling to Morocco – the basics


The most commonly spoken language in Morocco is Arabic, followed by French. Moroccan people, particularly in the bigger cities, are well versed in other languages like English, Spanish and Italian, so you should be able to find a language you can converse in.

Marrakech Menara Airport

There are many international airports that can get you to the golf course of your choice. These include Casablanca Mohammed V International Airport in Nouceur, Marrakech Menara Airport in Marrakech and Rabat-Sale Airport in Sale. Agadir Al Massira Airport in Agadir and Angads Airport in Oujda also have regular flights to and from the country.


The currency in Morocco is the Dirham (MAD), and is used nationwide. In some cities like Marrakech, some vendors may accept Euros, but do ask before purchasing.

Morocco as a golf destination

The country’s geographical location in North Africa is hugely advantageous for golfers. With an ideal climate all year round, coupled with stunning backdrops of mountains or the sea, this won’t be any ordinary game of golf.

You’ll come to play a few rounds, and leave having discovered something about the area too.

Morocco golf clubs in the north

An area of great beauty and strong cultural influence awaits in the north of the country. It’s the point where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean, meaning great vistas aplenty if you choose to golf here.


Take the town of Tetouan. The medina’s a UNESCO World Heritage site given its many references to Andalusian and Arabic influence. In the north is also the stunning city of Tangier.

Its souks, gardens and views overlooking the sea may just have you leaving the golf course a little earlier than usual, to see what other sights are on offer.

Tangier Royal Golf Club

Opened in 1914, the Tangier Royal Golf Club was the first of its kind in Morocco. With a length of 6,100m, 18 holes and a Par of 70, it’s a traditional club that still attracts many golfing fans from Europe and beyond.

Tangier Royal Golf Club

Golf among the relaxing pine, fir and eucalyptus trees, and marvel at the sight of the city of Tangier when you reach the highest point at the 5-hole green. Services here include golf carts, buggy rental, a clubhouse and a Pro shop.

Cabo Negro Royal Golf Club

This club may be younger than the aforementioned, but it’s become a firm favourite in golfing circles in Morocco since opening in 1976.

Cabo Negro

Sitting on the slopes of the Rif massif, the Cabo Negro Royal Golf Club overlooks the sea, offering players a more rugged course. Expect to find water hazards and hills, dunes and a generally wilder, and more challenging terrain. The course is 6,834m in length, with 18 holes and a Par of 72.

Morocco golf clubs in the centre

In the centre of Morocco are the historically rich cities of Rabat, Fez and Casablanca to name but a few. Its architecture dates back to Imperial Morocco, where you’ll be able to marvel at the Arab and Islamic influence, as well as get in a few rounds of golf!

Dar Es Salam Royal Golf Club

Open all year round, the Dar Es Salam Royal Golf Club is the venue of the Hassan II Trophy. The tournament was created by the late King Hassan II in 1971, and has attracted many big-name golfers such as Colin Montgomerie and Vijay Singh over the years.

eucalyptus tree

To match such a prestigious event, the course is just as exquisite, with winding paths surrounded by palm trees, eucalyptus, papyrus and Roman columns. There are 3 courses to choose from (red, blue, green) each differing in length, par, and number of holes.

Fez Royal Golf Club

A stunning course at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, the design takes you further into nature as it’s set in the midst of an olive grove! Opened in 1994, this golf course was created to test the most skilful of players, given its fairways winding between lakes and humungous bunkers.

Fez golf club

Services here include: a practice range; buggy rental, golf carts, lessons and a clubhouse. The 18-hole course is 6542m in length, with a par of 72 and is open all year round.

Clubs with the Atlas Mountains as a backdrop

Though many people flock to Marrakech and its red city walls for its souks and other sights, golfing is another big pull of the area.

What’s more, the 4 courses in the region lie at the foothills of the wondrous Atlas Mountains, giving an alternative, and a snow-capped, perspective.

Marrakech Royal Golf Club

If you fancy your chances of golfing where the likes of Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower have played, head to the Marrakech Royal Golf Club.

Marrakech golf club

Play among the splendour of cypress, palm, olive and orange trees at the feet of the glorious Atlas Mountain range. At 5,888m in length, and with 27 holes at a Par of 72, this is one golf course guaranteed to stimulate the mind and the senses.

Samanah Golf Club

Though one of the newest golf courses on the scene, the Samanah Golf Club is quickly growing to become a favourite among the golfing circle.

Samanah Golf Club

There are 5 courses to choose from (black, white, yellow, blue and red), and all a great test of skill for the keen golf player. Services here include: a practice range; covered-practiced bays, golf lessons and a putting green.

Going down south

To get the ultimate combination of sun, sea and beach, you can do no wrong with a trip to Agadir.

With 360 days of sunshine plus a mild climate, Agadir is an all-in-one destination.

The city has 4 golf clubs, with fairways surrounded by eucalyptus and mimosa.

Agadir Royal Golf Club

The Agadir Royal Golf Club had a very humble start. In 1951, a Scottish golf fan dug a hole in then what was nothing more than a wasteland, and years later, 8 more holes were added to the course. The rest as they say is history.


Now known under its grander name, the course is open all year, and with a picturesque background of the ocean in full view. The length of the course is 2,934m with a Par of 36.

The Soleil Golf Club

To play on a course surrounded by lakes and waterfalls, you’ll certainly enjoy a game at the Soleil Golf Club.

Soleil Golf Club

Open all year round, the course is bursting full of nature with tamarind trees and eucalyptus aplenty. A course 6,100m in length, there are 36 holes, and a Par of 72. Services include: a practice range, golf-club hire, buggy rental, golf carts and a putting green.