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Abby’s a foodie and travel blogger from Bombay, still stuck in the daily 9-to-5, or 9-to-7!

Despite her busy schedule, she makes time to travel as often as possible.

She’s travelled across parts of Europe and Asia, and loves writing about her experiences meeting different people and seeing different cultures.

Naturally, she loves food, wine and travel, and has an endless bucket list of places she’d like to visit. Find out more about Abby from her IQPlanner profile.


Why did you start travel blogging? How long have you been doing it?

I’ve always loved reading stories about people and places. Somewhere down the line I realised that I too have stories to tell, and they shouldn’t be hidden in my diary.


Although, I’ve been ghost writing for others for a while, I only recently started my blog.

Name your top 3 most memorable places?

Ispagnac, France. I spent a few days here over Christmas a few years ago visiting a friend’s family whose grandparents were originally from Ispagnac.

This quaint little village is the home of the Quezac water spring that sell the iron rich mineral water that was once used by the Celts and Romans.

I loved that it was far from the hustle and bustle of the city and yet within driving distance of the Cevennes National Park, Sainte Enimie and other natural and touristic attractions.


Vienna, Austria. It seemed to feel more like Austria that any other Austrian city. I loved walking the streets near the Stephansdom and eating wurst and drinking beer from the street stalls. The quick access to Vienna Woods and Mayerling was great too.

Les Puy D’Auvergne, France. Les Puy D’Auvergne are dead volcanoes in the Auvergne region of France that were last active around 10,000 years ago.

Hiking up one of the volcanoes was amazing, and reaching the top to stand at the mouth of such an ancient part of nature was almost surreal.  

What’s the best thing about being a travel blogger?

Telling stories. Well, writing them actually. I love telling personal tales about food, people, and places.

And the worst?! (if there is one)

The plethora of cheap writers that spin content and try to own it. Or people using content spinners.

Writing should be more about originality, about real experiences.

Give your top tip to a blogger starting out

Write your own story. Don’t compete with anyone. As the saying goes ‘all good things take time’ plus patience and hard work.

Hotel freebies: take ‘em’ or leave ‘em’?

Leave ‘em’. Unless it’s that one freebie that you really fall in love with.

What’s at the top of your list for destinations this year?

Tuscany, Rome and Cappadocia.


Why should people subscribe to your page?

Because my blogs are stories about life, people, food and my quirky take on the world.


What’s the most unusual thing you’ve eaten on your travels?

Worms. Crispy fried flower worms, but worms all the same! I tasted them at Futuroscope in France.

Name a place, city, or country where you feel happiest?

I don’t really have a specific place. I’m always happy when I’m travelling.


Where’s your next adventure?

I’m actually on it. At the time of writing, I’m spending two weeks exploring the length and breadth of Palma de Majorca.

Palma de Majorca

I just took some time to finish answering this interview on a lazy Sunday afternoon siesta after eating traditional Spanish Paella.

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«Write your own story. Don’t compete with anyone.»