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Jessica Lancia is an Italian travel blogger.

Though she's from Italy, Jessica feels that the world’s her home and the plane’s her vehicle to visit new places!

Every time she travels somewhere, she’s already planning the next adventure! Her travel of choice is usually to a natural wonder, a picturesque village or a sparkling city. You can read more about Jessica’s next sojourns by heading to her IQPlanner profile.

Jessica Lancia

Why did you start travel blogging? How long have you been doing it?

I started travel blogging in 2014, after returning home from a 1-year life-changing trip to New Zealand. Before leaving, I’d plenty of unanswered questions that nobody could help me with at that time and I couldn’t find answers online either.

New Zealand

So, the idea of starting a travel blog to help people out with tips and itineraries in specific countries/locations came to mind. I wanted to be the answer to those questions as well as a friendly motivating voice for anyone wanting to travel.

Name your top 3 most memorable places?

New Zealand, Patagonia (both Chile and Argentina) and Isle of Skye in Scotland. Never been? It’s time to!


What's the best thing about being a travel blogger?

Travel, write about places I visit (and usually enjoy), help others answering questions I had too, and capture an experience with words and photographs.

And the worst?! (if there is one)

Blogging requires a lot of time. Behind each one of those articles are hours of work and effort, and plenty of time spent on social media when it’d be more pleasant to be outside!

Give your top tip to a blogger starting out

It requires a lot of time to gain authority online. Don’t give up, you may need years before you build your audience.


Take your time and be consistent. Join Facebook groups, read tutorials and books of bloggers you admire, and start treating your blog as your business from the very first day.

Hotel freebies: take 'em' or leave 'em’?

It depends on what they’re offering, and the niche of your blog.

What's at the top of your list for destinations this year?

I have many dream destinations in mind! I’d love to visit Norway, Iceland and Canada. Also, I can’t wait to be back in Patagonia next April!


Why should people subscribe to your page?

If you’re looking for simple and easy to read, yet comprehensive guides on destinations, my blog can help you out.

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Plus, my partner’s a professional photographer, which means the pictures are inspiring and most of the locations we go to are featured on my page. My blog aims to inspire, educate and assist throughout the planning process.

What's the most unusual thing you've eaten on your travels?

I tried scorpions in Thailand, they weren’t too bad!


Name a place, city, or country where you feel happiest?

New Zealand!

Where's your next adventure?

At the time of writing, I’m heading to the Dolomites, and then back to Patagonia in April.


I don’t like to plan too much in advance, so you have to stay tuned for other trips!

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« Don’t give up, you may need years before you build your audience.»