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Kacie Morgan’s a food and travel blogger from Cardiff in South Wales.

In 2010, she left Cardiff University with a degree in Journalism, Film and Media coupled with an insatiable desire to write about food. With no desire to leave Cardiff for London, she struggled to find any kind of paid journalism work in Wales, and so started blogging about the native food and drink scene as an outlet for her writing.

Kacie Morgan

Her blog, The Rare Welsh Bit, has since grown into a popular food blog in South Wales, enabling Kacie to build her profile as a writer, and eat way too much food along the way!

After spending 3 months in Jamaica, she also caught the travel bug and couldn’t wait to start writing about the different foods she’d eaten and the places she’d visited. Find out more about Kacie from her IQPlanner profile here.

Why did you start travel blogging? How long have you been doing it?

When I left Cardiff University with a journalism degree, I had a burning desire to write about food.


I didn’t want to leave Cardiff and needed an outlet for my writing, so I began blogging about the Welsh food and drink scene.

Name your top 3 most memorable places?

Taj Mahal in Agra, India, the ocean swing at a ranch at Chukka Caribbean Adventures, Montego Bay, and the ghats at Varanasi, India.

Taj Mahal

What’s the best thing about being a travel blogger?

Whenever I travel, I make a point of doing a lot of research about the destination. I look for the most exciting places to visit, or lesser known attractions. I also look on Tripadvisor and check local blogs to find out the good places to visit. I feel that this ensures I really get the most out of my trips.


In addition, I love reading back over my blog posts after my trip – it’s like having a diary that I can reflect back on whenever I like.

I also love being able to connect with like-minded travel bloggers online, in Facebook forums and on Instagram and Twitter.

And the worst?! (if there is one)

As I currently work full-time alongside blogging, unfortunately I don’t have a great deal of spare time in which to socialise with friends and family, or do non-blogging related activities.


It can get overwhelming at times. For this reason, I have to be very selective about which opportunities I decide to take on.

Give your top tip to a blogger starting out

Find your niche. Decide what you want to write about, and then narrow it down as much as possible. Try to offer something that no other blogger is currently offering.

Aim to post regularly, at least once or twice per week, but more if you can manage it – just be consistent wherever possible.


Set up social media profiles and use them to promote your account, and find relevant Facebook forums in which to connect with like-minded bloggers to socialise with, and to help you to develop your blog.

Hotel freebies: take ‘em’ or leave ‘em’?

Take them if they are relevant to your niche. You have to be confident that your readers would be genuinely interested in this particular hotel, and that any coverage you produce could generate bookings.


Otherwise, if the hotel doesn’t get a good return from offering you a free or discounted stay, they won’t want to work with you again and you may find it hard to find evidence to persuade other accommodation providers to work with you in future.

Being selective about accepting freebies also means you will avoid becoming overwhelmed by taking on too much work.

What’s at the top of your list for destinations this year?

Topping my bucket list right now are Bulgaria, Croatia, Ecuador, Mount Etna (Catania, Italy) and the Philippines – although I won’t get through all of them this year, unfortunately!


Why should people subscribe to your page?

If you subscribe to my blog, you can expect to read about irresistible food (restaurant reviews, recipes, products and more) and hear about my varied travel adventures.


I tend to stay in a mix of budget and luxury accommodation, so you’re bound to find something on my blog to suit your travel tendencies.

I also run some great giveaways from time to time, so you may even get lucky and win a prize on my blog or on my social media channels.
What’s the most unusual thing you’ve eaten on your travels?

Name a place, city, or country where you feel happiest?

Jamaica. Without a doubt. The people are among the happiest people I’ve ever met in my life, despite the fact that many of them live in poverty.


‘Don’t worry, be happy’ really is the way of life in this country!

Where’s your next adventure?

At the time of writing, I’m off to Sunny Beach in Bulgaria. This is a huge tourist destination, but I’ll be aiming to uncover the lesser known things to do and places to see in the area.

Sunny Beach

I can’t wait to visit the nearby quaint little town of Nessebar, which I’ve heard is beautiful and much quieter than Sunny Beach.

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«Being selective about accepting freebies also means you will avoid becoming overwhelmed by taking on too much work. »