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Lucy Clarke is a freelance writer, lifestyle blogger and mother of two.

She’s a regular feature in top publications, such as Huffington Post, Life Hack, Your Tango, Elite Daily, Thrive Global, Self Growth, Mums That Work and many more.

She writes about a wide array of subjects, but focuses mainly on travel and culture, and dating and parenting. Read more about Lucy from her IQPlanner profile page.

Lucy Clarke

Why did you start travel blogging? How long have you been doing it?

I’m more of a lifestyle blogger, who writes about travel, and have been blogging now for about 7 years.


I started blogging when I was planning my wedding on a shoestring budget, and thought people in a similar boat would want to see how I did it. I have a parenting blog where I pour my heart out about the trials and tribulations of having 2 children!

Name your top 3 most memorable places?

Sydney, Jerusalem and Lake Garda.

Mount of Olives

What’s the best thing about being a travel blogger?

I love writing about my experiences — there’s something very therapeutic about it.


I’m lucky to write about the things I'm passionate about.

And the worst?! (if there is one)

There’s so much I want to write about, yet, because I’m a working mum, I don’t have as much time as I would like to write.

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I find myself writing lists of post ideas, and funny experiences to share, but I rarely even dent the list!

Give your top tip to a blogger starting out

Create the best possible content you can. Go for quality over quantity, and your content will be so much more useful/entertaining/interesting to your target audience.


Don’t rush to finish a piece if it’s not as great as it could be. Hold off publishing it, and come back to it to make it even better, even if it takes you days or weeks to get it right.

Hotel freebies: take ‘em’ or leave ‘em’?

Take 'em!! My husband rolls his eyes into another dimension when I get excited about hotel freebies! He’s more interested in how comfy the bed is.

Hotel room

I also have a thing about reading the hotel information pack from cover to cover as soon as I get in the hotel room, and I love a room service menu. Yep, I’m crazy like that!

What’s at the top of your list for destinations this year?

So far, I’ve been to Saint Severin in France with the family, and went to Florence in September for a friend’s wedding.


Why should people subscribe to your page?

I like to think my posts are entertaining because I’m brutally honest about things.

I don’t judge, or put others down, and I’m quite self-deprecating, which puts people at ease I think.

What’s the most unusual thing you’ve eaten on your travels?

I can’t think of anything unusual at all! I’m a vegetarian (actually vegan at the moment) so I unfortunately can’t tell you I’ve eaten grub worms or peregrine falcons!


Name a place, city, or country where you feel happiest?

There’s not one place, though I do LOVE Italy… and Australia… and France…!

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I would just say that if my family are around me, the sun’s shining, we have great food, wine and tunes, that’s all I need to feel happy.

Where’s your next adventure?

As a family, we recently took the Eurotunnel and drove into France. That was fun, and very relaxing, so we’re planning to do that again as soon as we can.

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I love the feeling of having the freedom to drive and stay wherever we like, for as long as we like. Until work and school term time beckons us back, of course!

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«Don’t rush to finish a piece if it’s not as great as it could be. »