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IQPlanner's favourite Dutch travel blogger, Sven Koster, is back, this time to tell us about finding street art in London's Camden Town area.

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Most people tend to go to Camden Town to visit the famous Camden Lock Market. However, the walk alongside Regents Canal to Regents Park is not only a great walk, it’s where you can also see the street art in Camden Town.

Explore the graffiti art in Camden Town

Start at Mornington Crescent tube station and walk all the way to Camden Lock Market. Here, you’ll enter some side streets and find some unique art. While here, it’s only right that you enter the market and try some of the delicious food.

The boy removing his shirt

This boy screaming for attention is made by ]X[Designs. It’s located in a small alley around the corner of the bar called Be One Camden. It’s totally worth entering this alley.

Besides the boy on the corner, you’ll also find a pink haired women on the other side of the wall. A bit further ahead are paintings of beautiful bees and flowers, and around the corner are some skulls heads.

Woman staring at you

In the direction of the big Sainsbury’s supermarket is a woman watching you from a building on Bayhem Street.

Below her is a flying dog and some aliens. If you continue your walk through Greenland Road, you’ll see some other Street Art from Decolife.

Lost Souls

On Kentish Town Road you’ll find this reference to iconic gaming characters. This is placed near the parking area of Sainsbury’s.

On the other side of the road, you’ll find a piece of street art that refers to traffic in cities by night.

Entering Buck Street

From the moment you enter Buck Street you’ll see a colourful piece of art. Watch out for the owl/butterfly looking at you the moment you turn into the street.

A bit further at Stucley Place you can find several other graffiti pieces.

Free West Papua

Just after you pass under the bridge with Camden Lock, you’ll find a protest piece about Free West Papua on Castlehaven Road.

To the left of this is the entrance of Camden Lock Market. There are some last pieces of street art located parallel from Camden Lock Market.

City by Night

City by Night on Hawley Street looks quite similar to the graffiti near the Sainsbury's parking lot.


You’ll see a lot of shops in Camden using street art to make their shops more attractive to the customer. Look out for a fancy tobacco store that has some art on the wall inside their shop.

Latin inspired bar Boteco also has art on its exterior to extend the Caribbean vibe outside its interior.

Wrap up

There's much more graffiti located within Camden Town than what I’ve covered in this post, and everyday I always come across new pieces.

Just walk around Camden Town, enter some side streets and you’ll be sure to discover new art. While Camden Town is renowned for its cool collection of street art, it’s not the only area in London which has this.

Apparently Whitechapel is also a good spot for art, so I just may have to write about this for the next article!

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